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Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Cygnar

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Battle Three - Scenario Outflank

Bethayne vs Nemo3

(Bethayne, Belphagor, Raek, Scythean, Scythean, Forsaken, Forsaken, Spell martyr, Spell martyr, Sorceress, Sorceress, Max Hex Hinters + Bayal, Blackfrost, Max Spawning Vessel)

(Nemo3, Finch, Ironclad, storm strider, Black 13th, Max Blazers, Steelhead Halbardiers, Min Steelhead Cavalry, min Storm blades, mechanics.)

The Raek, a martyr, a Sorceress and a Forsaken deployment to the left with. BFS, Sorceress, martyr, and Forsaken on the right, Bethayne and Belphagor and the Scytheans went into the center, as did the Hex hunters.

The Storm strider deployment to my right and the Stormcallers in the center, blazers to the far right and all the Infantry to my left and the support and Nemo behind.

Legion went first and ran full throttle forward and the Raek happens to run out of bethaynes control area. Bethayne cast carnivore on the hex Hunters. The Cygnar force creept up slowly and a blazer Took a shot at a Sorceress being just out and a 13th snipe da martyr and was also out.

Bethayne cut for one. Legion positioned with a hex hunter charging and killed the 13th that just shoot while the others ran to engage the Stormstrider, Stormclad, Stormblades and some. Halbardiers. The Scytheans went in to each zone, as did a Sorceress a martyr and a Forsaken. The Spawning Vessel suicided some and spående a Shredder. The Raek got tenacitied and walked into control and then jumped. Bethayne cast Ashen veil on the hex Hunters and some Tenacity.

Cygnar turn vegan with Stormblades, Stormclad and Nemo trying to dislodge the hex Hunters. Killing all engaging HH except one in the way of the strider. Th Strider went and took a freestrike and shoot up most of the other Hexhunters. Halbardiers and Cavalry charged/ran into the zone and killed a Sorceress and putting in some damage on the Scythean. The blazers went for the Blackfrost Shard and some hex Hunters missing the Shard but cleared out the Hunters.

Legion started by going into the tank and by that forgetting to move Belphagor before Bethayne which move as far as possible up and still toeing the zone. She popped feat and landet an eruption of spines on the haladiers and killed the three in the zone. She then cast carnivore on the Scythean by the Halbardiers and Cavalry. The Scythean went and killed the two Cavalry and a Halbardiers but missed the last one three times. The Shredder went rabbid, walked up and killed the Halbardiers and put Tenacity up on the Scythean. The Raek then went and killed the last model in the zone and and additional Stormblades within reach. The Blackfrost Shard attempted to kille the blazer in the zone but failed. The Sorceress then did a ride y attack, Killing the blazer and continuing across the forest into Melee with two additional blazers and the strider. The Scythean on the right charged the Stormclad and came up 1/2 inch short. Belphagor went and walked up infernot of Bethayne and popped his animus. Scoring 3 CP for legion.

Cygnar started of by charging the Stormblades and Halbardiers into the right zone missing the Raek and putting 5 on the Scythean. The Cavalry landning a hit for 10 damage on the Scythean. The Stormclad then went! Having Gorten 1 focus turned into two. Y Finch and activation within 4" of the blades better him 3 focus and a dead Scythean. The two remaining members of 13th went, one having to take a freestrike while mobbing away from the Raek to get to Belphagore and try to remove his consealment. The blazers repositionen and took out the Blackfrost Shard and leaving the Sorceress om 1 box. Nemo activated and feated landning several shoots and chain lightnings into Belphagor leaning to Bethayne which unfortunatly where just within 4" of him. Finch went next and all in all Bethayne took 10 damage plus her cutting for one before leaving her on 3, she had two transfers. Next up to activate were the Storm strider which stod still and aimed at Belphagore needing 6 to hit and no power token, he rolled a 1 and a 3 for both attacks.

Legion needed to remove a Cavalry and two Halbardiers between a Raek a Scythean a Shredder and a spawned stinger. I went ahead and tried to kill the Stormclad but failed. Legion won 5 to 0 Controlpoints. All because my opponent couldn't roll sig on two dice.


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