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Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Protectorate of Menoth

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Battle One

pVayl vs Kreoss3

(Kreoss3, Max Vengers, Fire of Salvation, Reckoner, full Idrians with UA, Choir, Vassal, Tristan Durant with Redeemer.)

(pVayl, Typhon, Carnivean, Ravagore, Ravagore, Naga, Raek, Shredder, 2 shepherds.)

Legion went first and ran/advanced up the board, Ravagore, Typhon Vayl and Shredder on one side of a central house and Carnivean, Ravagore, Raek and on the other side and Naga just behind the house in the center.
His idrias ran forward to stand 4" away from my from lines. With a Reckoner and Fire of Salvation behind. I walked Vayl up and put up Incite, and feated, she shoot her gun at the idrian Officer and killes him. The Carnivean charged an idrian and sprayad over them to hit the Reckoner boosting damage. He Ravagore also shot at the Reckoner Meryl denting it but Killing the Vassal that bas b2b behind it. The Ravagore on the other side went up and shot a Venger close to my lines and then Typhon went up on the other side and spravyed alot of idrians leaning the unit at 3 and broken. He didn't get range on Fire of Salvation sadly. The Raek moves up and kills a few idrians bedore Typhon went. Feat move takes everyone back but the Raek that goes to engage the Reckoner to protector Vayl from that angle. Ravagore and Typhon Smuggler up right next to Vayl to block LOS and stop slams. The other side just advanced back a bit.

Kreoss charges the Raek and kills him. Them the Reckoner assaults the Carnivean and the redeemer shoot him leaning him on 3 boxes in his mind. Fire of Salvation moved from warpath as Kreoss killes he Raek. Fire charges Typhon and fail at alot of dice rolls and leaves him on 6 boxes and on fire. The Vengers charges he objective and claims the zone because i forgot about the scenario. Fire on Typhon damlagets him for 5 and leaves him on one. On my turn i Incite again. I have the Ravagore on the left shoot Kreoss and light him on fire. Shepherds activate and medicate Carnivean and Typhon for 1 each still having them missing one aspect each. The Carnivean charges the Reckoner and sprays over Kreoss missing him but wrecking the Reckoner. The Ravagore on the righ then activate and try to kill fire of Salvation, leaning him on like 8ish and all systems functioning. Typhon activated and kills him. Shredders runs into the zone.
On his turn, Kreoss survived the fire and charges the Carnivean and kills him and the objective scoring 3 more and winning on scenario.


Battle Two

pVayl vs Harbringer

(Harbringer, Avatar, 2 Templars, 4 Crusaders, Mechanic, full Choir, Vilmont and 2 paladins.)

(pVayl, Typhon, Carnivean, Ravagore, Ravagore, Naga, Raek, Shredder, 2 shepherds.)

Harbinger goes first and does Crusaders Call and charges stuff up the field. Vayl goes second and runs everything up but he two Ravagores. The Ravagore on the right is just short of of a Crusader and scatter on to it, putting it on fire. The other Ravagore does the same on the left schattering perfectly firning up Harbringer, the Crusader and two paladins. She then Leash Typhon and chiller the Raek. But Harbringer purifiera that of when she removed the fire. The two Templars ans two Crusaders form a Wall i front of Harbringer, the avatar and two other Crusaders contesting the zone on the right. Choir puts up "only magic shooting".
Turn two was my feat turn where Vayl had Harbringer in Incite range when walking up. Typhon got wraithbane to target the templar with sprays. The Ravagores shot one Crusaders that wasn't under the Choir buff. One missed on snake eyes and scattered onto Harbringer setting her on fire again.
The raek jumper to the objektive to ignore Harbys feat and hit the objektive for 12 damage, the Naga shoot the objektive for fun when she put wraithbane on Typhon and did 2 damage, leaving it on 1 Box. Typhon boosted to hit on Harbringer missing once and boosting damage on he last shot. Doing like 6 damage a shot with dice -2.
He Carnivean then charged a Crusaders on the right and assaults into Harbringer. His target Crusader didn't have the Choir buff. He boosted to hit needing a 10 to hit. Got it and boosted damage at dice -2 and did 5 damage Killing her with as she had 4 boxes left.


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