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Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Skorne

Kategori: Battle reports

Battle Five - Scenario: Incoming

Bethayne vs Zaal

(Bethayne, Belphagore, Raek, Carnivean, Scythean, 2x Spell Martyrs, 2x Sorceress & Hellion, Forsaken, Max Hex Hunters + Bayal, Blackfrost Shard, Max Spawning Vessel)

(Zaal & Kovaas, Titan Gladiator, Cyclops Brute, 4x Reptile hounds, 3x Ancestral Guardians, Hakaar, Max Immortals, Max Nihilators, Min Beast Handlers and Tyrant Commander)

Skorne won the die roll and elected to go first, Legion chose crappy on what side i wanted but it turned out ok.
Immortals deployment on the left and Nihilators on the right with Guardians spread out behind the lines, Hakaar taking up position on the right flank. The commander, Brute and Gladiator took center field with the hounds to their right. Zaal taking position i. The center behind the beasts.
Bethayne deployed left of the center flanken by the Raek and Belphagor. To her left where a spell martyr and a Sorceress. Both the Heavy beasts took position on the right flank with the Blackfrost Shard to their right and another martyr and Sorceress duo on the far flank, the pot took up position i. The middle with the Hexhunters front and center.

The Skorne forces ran up the field, Zaal advancing somewhat slower behind to cast inviolable Resolve on the Immortals for 3 fury (Bethaynes tier bonus) and safeguard on himself and spending one the fule the Souls on his guardians, finally camping one

The Hex Hunters ran up and turned left to threaten the zone taking care not to ran into threatrange of the Immortals. Belphagor advanced in the center and put out his animus. The Spawning Vessel advanced in lines and killed here Handlers, and popping out a stinger. The Blackfrost advanced and cast cloak of mists. Both spell martyrs ran and took up extreme flanking positions. The sorceresses doing the same but with a bit more care. The Raek advanced into the middle of the hex Hunters getting stuck behind the front once. Bethayne went next and put Spiny growth on the Scythean, Ashen veil on the Hex Hunters and Carnivore on the Scythean.

The Immortals activated and charged the hex Hunters, all fell short of a charge or running to engage. Zaal went and put up Last stand on the Nihilators and safe Guard on himself then again spent one to fule the guardians. The Nihilators charged on the right flank, targeting the Scythean and a Hexhunters with charges, aswell as a number it their own models. The Hexhunters Fell and the Scythean took some damage. The front Nihilators then took swords to the back and died. As did everyone making attacks on accounts of Last stand.
The Reptile hounds followed close behind. To the far right Hakaar advanced. The other guardians taking up threatening positions behind his main line. The Brute and gladiator advanced and took up position, as did the commander and Beast Handlers.

The pot went first, Killing two members to make another stinger, but mainly moving out of the way. Bethayne went next, forgetting to move her Spell martyrs. She popped feat and cast an eruption of spines into the Tyrant commander doning some damage and hitting a Guardian and Killing an Immortals. She cast blood thorn on the Hexhunters and campus one. Having upkept Carnivore. The hex Hunters then activated and charged the Immortals, hitting all but two charge targets and killing five and in total Killing a Guardian with bettle mage hex bolts, making the Kovaas appear. One shooting a Hexbolt into the gladiator to stop him from trampolins. One stinger killed an other Immortals and the new one sprayed and killed another. The Scythean advanced up, and hit a Nihilator, Killing him, buying attacks he eventually killed two Reptile hounds and three Nihilators. The right flank Sorceress made a ride by attack and killed a few more Nihilators and another Reptile hound. Moving back some after the attack. The Carnivean then assaulted a Nihilator and hitting Hakaar ine spray, the Nihilator toughed and Hakaar surviving the fiery onslaught. He then bought and attack and killed he last Reptile hound. Finally putting up it's animus. The Raek went up the left and started hitting the Kovaas, doing some damage (we forgot it had incorporeal). Belphagore advanced infart of Bethayne and put up his animus. Blackfrost Shard advanced behind and shoot two guardians and the commander with frost bolts doing some damage. The left Sorceress went upp and sprayed two Immortals and hitting Zaal for 10 damage which he transfered to the Brute. Then passning the turn.

The Immortals wacked a Hexhunter and Hakaar doing a point or two onto the Carnivean with Vengence. Zaal activated and feated, putting out a few synder spirits doing minimal damage and safe Guard on himself. Hakaar went to work on the Carnivean and got some help from a Guardian and the last Nihilator, leaving the Beast with two boxes in his body spiral. Having exhausted a fair amounts of Ancestral Rage tokens. On ther guardian engaged the other Warbeast and took him down to half his health. The Immortals tried to hit the Raek but only did a few points on the light warbeast but they did take out it's body aspec. The Brute went up an killed some hex Hunters and the Sorceress that damaged Zaal last turn. The Gladiator moved forward and killed a Hexhunter and a stinger having jammed himself into the middle limitens his actions severly. The commander charged the Scythean but doing just a few points of damage. Lastly the Kovaas activated and charged a Hexhunter, threshered and killed four. Needing his activation and the Skorne turn.

Bethayne upkept carnivore but let Ashen veil drop. Bethayne activated and healed the mind and spirit of the Carnivean and the body on the Scythean. Then put Ashen veil on herself. The hex Hunters charged the Remaining Immortals and Bayal charging the Kovaas, the Immortals fell, as did the Kovaas (a hit that would have killed him outright, negations the error we made earlier). The battle wizarding hexbolts Killing the standard Bearer. The Carnivean activated and killed Hakaar, a Guardian and the a Nihilator. The Sorceress on the right glidning up and shooting at the commander but failing to damage him or the Guardian hit in the spray. The Scythean activated and killed the last Guardian, the last Nihilator and the commander. The pot having gathörnen some corpsetokens put out yet another stinger and both the Stingers charged the Gladiator, doing good damage. The Raek jumped and killed a Beasthandler and another model. Blackfrost Shard went next Sevryn walking towards the Kovaas, while Rhylyss and Vysarr engaged the gladiator. Sevryn put three damage on the Kovaas, while Rhylyss landet Kiss of Lyliss and Vysarr hit for some damage. Next the Forsaken walked up, having gathered five fury during previously turns and bombed, getting both the Brute, with two fury on him, the last Immortals and the gladiator, with three fury on him. E Brute took some damage and the Immortals crumbled. The gladiator having been hit by Kiss of Lyliss, took a die minus 9 hit, rolling: 4,4,5,6,6 and landning 16 damage died quite horribly.

Zaal scooted over and put up safeguard and inviolable Resolve on himself, the rest of the army took hit where they could but failing to do much hurt on the Legion forces having lost their greatest threath to Bethayne when the gladiator perished.

The hex Hunters charged the Brute, Bayal hitting and Killing him in one swift stroke. A stinger then charged a Beasthandler protecting Zaal, but also. Accidently engaging Zaal as well. Even. Using the handler, but bought an attack and then hit and killed him. Blackfrost Shard went up and engaged Zaal, landning Kiss and a ice cage, the last ice cage missing and hitting the stinger instead. Then Belphagor activated and slithered into combat with Zaal, boosting to hit the two initials and buying an attack left Zaal lying dead in the ditt and gaining Bathayne her second victory in the history of my endevours.

Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Cygnar

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Battle Four - Scenario: Destruction

pVayl vs eHaley

(pVayl, Typhon, Ravagore, Angelius, Seraph, Raek, Naga, Shepherd, Shepherd, Fyanna, Max Spawning Vessel)

(eHaley, Stormwall, Thorn, Squire, Max Sword knights, Black 13th, Alexia and Risen, Aiyana and Holt, Anastasia di Bray, Junior, Rhupert)

Cygnar deployed first with the Stormwall on the left flank with the sword knights besked him. The black 13th took the other flank and alexia went i to the centre. Thorn deployed between Alexia and The 13th. Haley took centre left with the support behind.

During the legion deployment the Angelius, the Raek and Fyanna took left flank opposite to Stormwall and the swordknights. The Ravagore took the opposite flank. In the centre left was Typhon, Seraph and the pot. The Shepherds took position behind the Ravagore and the Angelius. Vayl placed herself between the pot and the Ravagore.

Haley allocated 1 to each Jack and everything ran forward spreading out. Rhupert put tough on the swordknights, junior put arcane shield on them and Haley cast deceleration. The Angelius and Fyanna ran forward with one toe in the forest. The Seraph slipstreamed and moves forward dragging Typhon along. Vayl then activated and put slipstream on herself, and leash on the Ravagore. She moved forward and dragged the beast along. The Ravagore activated and took aim at Anastasia but were a few inches short and scattered to the 5 landning out of the way just beside a small house.
The rest of the force moved on and the pot killes two of it's memebers. Apperently hitting is tough.

Haley allocated 4 to the Stormwall which went up and shot up the Angelius. The sword knights ran again as did alexia and her risen. Most of them i to the zone. The 13th snurriges around behind the line. Thorn move forward to get into position. The Squire moved up to a wall next Haley. Junior moved around and Rhupert put though on the sword knights again. Haley moved up to the wall beside the Squire and feated. Catching everything but the shepherds, the Naga and Vayl. Anastasia the. Walked up behind the knights just beyond Haleys position.

The Ravagore activated first putting up it's animus and shooting at a sword Knight just infront of Anastasia being just short it scattered 4 to the 1 and catching Anastasia. At dice minus 4 boosting the damage and rolling three threes. Just killing her. The Raek then activated, moved and engaged a few swordknights, next Fyanna went and retreated back a bit but still toeing the forest. The Seraph then went and cast slipstream and moved forward dragging Typhon along. Typhon then activated and sprayed some risen and sword knights, Killing a few and putting up it's animus. Then the pot activated, stod still and killed one of it's members and spawned a stinger. Next were the stuff that wasn't affected by the feat. The Naga went first and positioned for next turn and shot a sword knight. The shepherds activated and removed some fury. The Vayl went and put up excessive healing herself camping 5 and feating.
All the legion models got to advance and they all went up the board to engage and contest.

Haley allocated one to Stormwall and keept 8 having taken one form the Squire. A thrall warrior went up to the Ravagore and put some damage in. Alexia brought the Ravagore down to 3 health after the risen charged the pot, a shepherd and the stinger. Together they managed to kill one acolyte that went into the pot. Alexia used up all but three risen boosting and buying and one of them were out of command. Thorn walked up and engaged Typhon, the stinger and the Ravagore. Taking his initial at the Ravagore and failing to kill it. The black 13th went and ran back to the right side. The swordknights charged the stinger and the Raek. Killing the stinger but missing the Raek alltogether. Rhupert again put tough on the knights. Haley went and telekinesed the Ravagore out of combat with Alexia and the thrall. She then put time bomb om the Seraph which cought cought Vayl in the blast aswell. Junior went and boosted a shoot into the Ravagore and finally killing it.

Vayl leached the fury and didn't have anything to upkeep. A shepherd went and medicated the Seraph which had lost it's body and mind, healing it for one in mind. The Seraph went and swooped over to Alexia putting and putting her into the dirt. It bought an attack and hit the objektive for a few points. The Naga went, putting wraithbane on Typhon and Killing a risen. Fyanna went to charge a sword Knight but got cought in between to models so failed. Vayl went and put up incite and camped four. The pot managed to get three corpsetokens and spawned a shredder which hit and damaged Thorn. The Raek then went and boosted a hit on a sword Knight boosting damage Killing him and he failed his tough roll. Typhon went next and walked up towards Haley spraying her three times. She was camping 1 at the moment and standing in the corner of the killbox. Boosting the first, hitting on 5, 4, 2. Doing some damage. Boosting the second one and hitting on a 13. Boosting this damage, as a miss on the last spray would make me waste a fury. Doing good damage leaving her i 4 boxes for the last spray. Boosting to hit i rolled 6, 6, 6 and hit. Doing 7 damage and Killing her. Legion win, be it a close call, and pVayl win leaving me on 3-0 with her.

Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Cygnar

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Battle Three - Scenario Outflank

Bethayne vs Nemo3

(Bethayne, Belphagor, Raek, Scythean, Scythean, Forsaken, Forsaken, Spell martyr, Spell martyr, Sorceress, Sorceress, Max Hex Hinters + Bayal, Blackfrost, Max Spawning Vessel)

(Nemo3, Finch, Ironclad, storm strider, Black 13th, Max Blazers, Steelhead Halbardiers, Min Steelhead Cavalry, min Storm blades, mechanics.)

The Raek, a martyr, a Sorceress and a Forsaken deployment to the left with. BFS, Sorceress, martyr, and Forsaken on the right, Bethayne and Belphagor and the Scytheans went into the center, as did the Hex hunters.

The Storm strider deployment to my right and the Stormcallers in the center, blazers to the far right and all the Infantry to my left and the support and Nemo behind.

Legion went first and ran full throttle forward and the Raek happens to run out of bethaynes control area. Bethayne cast carnivore on the hex Hunters. The Cygnar force creept up slowly and a blazer Took a shot at a Sorceress being just out and a 13th snipe da martyr and was also out.

Bethayne cut for one. Legion positioned with a hex hunter charging and killed the 13th that just shoot while the others ran to engage the Stormstrider, Stormclad, Stormblades and some. Halbardiers. The Scytheans went in to each zone, as did a Sorceress a martyr and a Forsaken. The Spawning Vessel suicided some and spående a Shredder. The Raek got tenacitied and walked into control and then jumped. Bethayne cast Ashen veil on the hex Hunters and some Tenacity.

Cygnar turn vegan with Stormblades, Stormclad and Nemo trying to dislodge the hex Hunters. Killing all engaging HH except one in the way of the strider. Th Strider went and took a freestrike and shoot up most of the other Hexhunters. Halbardiers and Cavalry charged/ran into the zone and killed a Sorceress and putting in some damage on the Scythean. The blazers went for the Blackfrost Shard and some hex Hunters missing the Shard but cleared out the Hunters.

Legion started by going into the tank and by that forgetting to move Belphagor before Bethayne which move as far as possible up and still toeing the zone. She popped feat and landet an eruption of spines on the haladiers and killed the three in the zone. She then cast carnivore on the Scythean by the Halbardiers and Cavalry. The Scythean went and killed the two Cavalry and a Halbardiers but missed the last one three times. The Shredder went rabbid, walked up and killed the Halbardiers and put Tenacity up on the Scythean. The Raek then went and killed the last model in the zone and and additional Stormblades within reach. The Blackfrost Shard attempted to kille the blazer in the zone but failed. The Sorceress then did a ride y attack, Killing the blazer and continuing across the forest into Melee with two additional blazers and the strider. The Scythean on the right charged the Stormclad and came up 1/2 inch short. Belphagor went and walked up infernot of Bethayne and popped his animus. Scoring 3 CP for legion.

Cygnar started of by charging the Stormblades and Halbardiers into the right zone missing the Raek and putting 5 on the Scythean. The Cavalry landning a hit for 10 damage on the Scythean. The Stormclad then went! Having Gorten 1 focus turned into two. Y Finch and activation within 4" of the blades better him 3 focus and a dead Scythean. The two remaining members of 13th went, one having to take a freestrike while mobbing away from the Raek to get to Belphagore and try to remove his consealment. The blazers repositionen and took out the Blackfrost Shard and leaving the Sorceress om 1 box. Nemo activated and feated landning several shoots and chain lightnings into Belphagor leaning to Bethayne which unfortunatly where just within 4" of him. Finch went next and all in all Bethayne took 10 damage plus her cutting for one before leaving her on 3, she had two transfers. Next up to activate were the Storm strider which stod still and aimed at Belphagore needing 6 to hit and no power token, he rolled a 1 and a 3 for both attacks.

Legion needed to remove a Cavalry and two Halbardiers between a Raek a Scythean a Shredder and a spawned stinger. I went ahead and tried to kill the Stormclad but failed. Legion won 5 to 0 Controlpoints. All because my opponent couldn't roll sig on two dice.

Battle Report Legion of Everblight versus Protectorate of Menoth

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Battle One

pVayl vs Kreoss3

(Kreoss3, Max Vengers, Fire of Salvation, Reckoner, full Idrians with UA, Choir, Vassal, Tristan Durant with Redeemer.)

(pVayl, Typhon, Carnivean, Ravagore, Ravagore, Naga, Raek, Shredder, 2 shepherds.)

Legion went first and ran/advanced up the board, Ravagore, Typhon Vayl and Shredder on one side of a central house and Carnivean, Ravagore, Raek and on the other side and Naga just behind the house in the center.
His idrias ran forward to stand 4" away from my from lines. With a Reckoner and Fire of Salvation behind. I walked Vayl up and put up Incite, and feated, she shoot her gun at the idrian Officer and killes him. The Carnivean charged an idrian and sprayad over them to hit the Reckoner boosting damage. He Ravagore also shot at the Reckoner Meryl denting it but Killing the Vassal that bas b2b behind it. The Ravagore on the other side went up and shot a Venger close to my lines and then Typhon went up on the other side and spravyed alot of idrians leaning the unit at 3 and broken. He didn't get range on Fire of Salvation sadly. The Raek moves up and kills a few idrians bedore Typhon went. Feat move takes everyone back but the Raek that goes to engage the Reckoner to protector Vayl from that angle. Ravagore and Typhon Smuggler up right next to Vayl to block LOS and stop slams. The other side just advanced back a bit.

Kreoss charges the Raek and kills him. Them the Reckoner assaults the Carnivean and the redeemer shoot him leaning him on 3 boxes in his mind. Fire of Salvation moved from warpath as Kreoss killes he Raek. Fire charges Typhon and fail at alot of dice rolls and leaves him on 6 boxes and on fire. The Vengers charges he objective and claims the zone because i forgot about the scenario. Fire on Typhon damlagets him for 5 and leaves him on one. On my turn i Incite again. I have the Ravagore on the left shoot Kreoss and light him on fire. Shepherds activate and medicate Carnivean and Typhon for 1 each still having them missing one aspect each. The Carnivean charges the Reckoner and sprays over Kreoss missing him but wrecking the Reckoner. The Ravagore on the righ then activate and try to kill fire of Salvation, leaning him on like 8ish and all systems functioning. Typhon activated and kills him. Shredders runs into the zone.
On his turn, Kreoss survived the fire and charges the Carnivean and kills him and the objective scoring 3 more and winning on scenario.


Battle Two

pVayl vs Harbringer

(Harbringer, Avatar, 2 Templars, 4 Crusaders, Mechanic, full Choir, Vilmont and 2 paladins.)

(pVayl, Typhon, Carnivean, Ravagore, Ravagore, Naga, Raek, Shredder, 2 shepherds.)

Harbinger goes first and does Crusaders Call and charges stuff up the field. Vayl goes second and runs everything up but he two Ravagores. The Ravagore on the right is just short of of a Crusader and scatter on to it, putting it on fire. The other Ravagore does the same on the left schattering perfectly firning up Harbringer, the Crusader and two paladins. She then Leash Typhon and chiller the Raek. But Harbringer purifiera that of when she removed the fire. The two Templars ans two Crusaders form a Wall i front of Harbringer, the avatar and two other Crusaders contesting the zone on the right. Choir puts up "only magic shooting".
Turn two was my feat turn where Vayl had Harbringer in Incite range when walking up. Typhon got wraithbane to target the templar with sprays. The Ravagores shot one Crusaders that wasn't under the Choir buff. One missed on snake eyes and scattered onto Harbringer setting her on fire again.
The raek jumper to the objektive to ignore Harbys feat and hit the objektive for 12 damage, the Naga shoot the objektive for fun when she put wraithbane on Typhon and did 2 damage, leaving it on 1 Box. Typhon boosted to hit on Harbringer missing once and boosting damage on he last shot. Doing like 6 damage a shot with dice -2.
He Carnivean then charged a Crusaders on the right and assaults into Harbringer. His target Crusader didn't have the Choir buff. He boosted to hit needing a 10 to hit. Got it and boosted damage at dice -2 and did 5 damage Killing her with as she had 4 boxes left.

"Älskades Gubbspel cup"

Kategori: Hordes

35 poäng med bara en Warcaster/Warlock och bara vänner på turneringen, hur spelar man då?
Det finns risk att jag kommer möta både Stormwall, Judicator och Mammuth där, finns till och med risk för två olika Stormwalls. Mitt dilemma är nu om jag ska spela med min alkoholiserade vän Borka Kegslayer och hans Brick för att i största möjliga mån kontra Judicatorn.
Eller ska man ta och spela med Hoarluk Doomshaper med sina kompisar Rök och Mulg...
Jag känner att ingen på denna turnering kommer att bry sig om character restrictions även om de spelar med nästan en av de listorna som är avsedda för sånt spel. Så jag kommer inte heller hålla tillbaka med characters.
Ja jag har egentligen inte mycket att säga jag bara funderar på vad jag ska göra.