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Fighting fire with fire

Kategori: Infinity

Having just recovered from her wounds from the previous battles Jaina once again took command of her Tunguskan strike force on Novyy cimmeria. Having gotten word that a Morat force were converging on the island she volunteered for the assignment with anticipation and a sense of satisfaction. Over the past few months she had been fighting a lot and mainly the alien threat of the combine army, which had now made a rather apparent impact on her. Her hatred of the aliens had grown and her disgust were showing whenever she were fighting then.

Knowing the operation had to be performed in foreign territory she sanctioned it with the Haqqislam high command before she made for the Duban Prospection site. The relations between Haqqislam and Nomads were for the most part a friendly and fragile one and she didn't want to be the one that jeopardized that.

She directed her forces towards the center of the Haqqislam controlled facility in silence as the Morats made for the site, not a clue that the Nomads were encircling them as the Haqqislam forces missdirected them.

Knowing the nature of morats tactics to be focused almost exclusively on aggression the Tunguskan forces deployed with solid defensive tactics and counter assault units in reserve. One tactic Jaina had seen many times before were Morat troopers going straight for the chain of command so she deployed a bit behind and in cover this time around.

“Rahim, join with Vince and Shukri on our left flank. Thea you cover our right along with Chico and Laverna. Mary and Raoul you have your orders already. Rahel, stay on the right flank but cover to the left, we know morats like to use “diplomatic solutions”. The last part she said with a smirk as she referenced the morats diplomatic corps.

Shukri could make out the form of a huge morat across a gap as she crawled up a container taking position to cover the central battle field with her sniper rifle. The Lunokhod remote moving up coming into sight of more morats. The lines were really close this time around. A perfect opportunity to get swamped by morats.

As one the Morat army howled in anger when they realized they had been played by the coalition of Haqqislam and Tunguskan forces. The rearguard of the morats turned around and started to assault the Tunguskan forces.

Smoke were thrown to cover lanes and other explosives were used to try and pin Mary in place. Though grenades and missiles were thrown her way she managed to escape umharm. As the smoke cleared not a single shot had hit home from the morats and Jaina smiled as her trap snapped shut and the Morats were cornered. The satisfaction in her voice was clear as she opened up her comms.

“That wasn’t so bad?! Jaina said with a smile. “Raoul, Mary execute your orders. Rahel take to the left flank and take out the missile launcher. I will take the Lunokhod down the center I have an idea, the rest of you need to keep covering our position. Fire at will!”
Raoul dropped from the skies just behind a morat fireteam covering the far left flank while Shukri let her sniper rifle sing and one of the morats in the team dropped his head taken almost clean of. Raoul snuck around the building and opened up with shotgun shells at the space monkeys as Rahel circled around and engaged part of the team from the front. Leaving just one trooper alive at the end of it. As she moved Rahel dropped smoke grenades down the center and baited the morats to do the same. Completely covering of the central lane from fire.
Mary engaged one of her hacking devices and immobilized a heavy armored trooper covering their lieutenant behind some containers.
The lunokhod moved up the center, covered by smoke as it set it’s kolas to standby, knowing it probably wouldn’t survive the next move. It cleared the smoke and the container moving up right beside Kornak, the infamous morat commander. It taking fire from chain rifles and feuerbachs as it let lose the heavy shotgun at Kornak who tried to engage the remote. The shotgun shells ripping the morat commander and the nearby immobilized morat asunder and the remote itself were ripped apart in a series of explosions.

Nine Lives

Kategori: Infinity

Tamika surveyed the outskirts of what had previously been a Japanese settlement at the Yu Jing base. She tried to calculate the best way to approach the task at hand. She had been tasked with locating and destroying an old remote connection used by the Japanese.

Just as she moved her forces towards the designated location she started picking up movement on her sensors. She stopped and took a closer look, this time through her binoculars. She could clearly make out the garbs of the Japanese secessionist army on the approaching soldiers.

"Take positions, it seems the Japanese have come to claim their old connection aswell. We have to drive them of before we can proceed." I will take the right flank with my fireteam. Chico and Ava, you two need to cover the left. Spread out the zonds across the field. Seline, you know what to do.

Having never faced the Japanese before in regular battle Tamika wasn't sure what to expect. But as the saying goes. The best defense is a good offence.

Chico moved out and started shooting at the approaching soldiers, only to realize they were employing optical disruption technology and all his shoots all missed. He even managed to miss the war correspondent, clearly tagging along to spread the word of the Japanese propaganda machine.

On the other side, the fireteam of spread out and took out a few of the Japanese troops covering the approach to the antenna. Slowling shipping away at the opposition range specialists.

Noticing a lot of troopers equipped for close quarter fighting the Lunokhod snuck forward trying to get a better vantage point. It planted it’s koalas in support of the nomad comms relay deployed just in front as it advanced.

Tamika continues to observe the Japanese troopers fanning out and covering angels. She notices a particular trooper moving down the left flank issuing orders while moving forward. She tapped the switch on her comms and issue an order of her own.


"Raoul, your are up,! Move in on the left and take out their lieutenant, the trooper in heavy armor on the flank."

A soaring sound erupted as a drop trooper landed just beyond the left flank and started advancing on the Japanese flank. Dodging incoming fire as he did. Unfortunately, he was eventually felled by a lucky shot before he can move on the target.

The silence of the compound is suddenly broken by the heavy noise of a motorcycle engine as a Japanese warrior darted up the road closely followed by a pair of crazy koalas. He was meet with heavy fire but manages to drop a cloud of smoke to cover his approach.


In what looks like a pincer move, another samurai emerged on the far right flank but he is eventually halted by stunning him with a flash pulse while the remote actually managed to avoid being stunned in return.

The optical disruption of the Japanese special forces flickered as they advance on the center, shredding the Lunokhod remote as they advance and then ended up each suppressing an area of the field on each flank. On the left flank the heavy armored trooper advanced, still shouting orders to his troops as he did. Apparently getting more aggitated as the battle raged on.

From out of nowhere a silhouette emerged and moved towards the nomad lines. As it approached a billboard it's camouflage cracked a vanished to reveal a ninja taking aim at Chico and dropping him in a burst of bullets.

"Take out those close combat specialists, we can't let them close with our lines."
The nomad force spreads out and focus fires at the three approaching Japanese troopers, the ninja, the biker and the samurai with the flash pulse.
The ninja eventually went down but the biker and the right most samurai is still standing as the storm of bullets subsided.

Seline had watched as Chico went down and on her visor she can still see vague life signs as he clinged to life. She urgeed her zondbot forward and quickly assessed the situation and administered the necessary injections to make him regain consciousness, just as the Japanese special forces shred the zondbot with suppressive fire.

Perseus advances with his fireteam and layed down nanoparticles as the Japanese special forces close by, shredding her with horrified scream as the tiny robots picked her apart.

On the right flank Tamika could hear swords play as the samurai eviscerateed the transductor zond and move on her own fireteam. They try and stop him with bullets and knifes but all for nothing. The samurai was a whirlwind of death as he ripped Tamika and her soldiers apart in an exceptional display of swordsmanship. As was Seline before the warrior halted his onslaught.

Just having seen his fellow soldiers shredded to bits Perseus was assailed by the bike riding samurai. Perseus layed down another storm of nanoparticles as he himself was dozed in them. He managed to shrug of most of the particles in time to see the samurai being shredded by the particles in return, rendering his koalas inert and negating some of the threat.

The Japanese special forces moved up and started shooting at the zonds, managing to take out one but the other one was save by it's somewhat thicker armor and nimbler reflexes.

 "hiss... crackle... spark..."

The absence of Tamika’s voice was apparent, and the nomad soldiers tried to coordinate as best as possible. The surviving zond jumped onto the nearby containers and take out the samurai who recently massacred the entire right flank.

Chico took shots at the last of the special forces finally taking her out of action before going into suppressive fire towards the last of the close combat specialists. Perseus and the last survivor of the fireteam also cover the field in suppressive fire, trying to deter the advance of the Japanese forces.


Ava, decloaked and moveed out towards the heavy armored Japanese lieutenant and took a shot at the war correspondent but was blinded by the flash pulse. She rubed the flash out of her eyes just to see the warcor advance on her position. She took another shot and manages to take out the journalist.

On the right flank, Perseus and the Grenzer came under heavy fire from a couple of remotes and Perseus eventually fell to the firepower of the holo-remote of the Japanese. But the remote was itself also taken out.


As the warriors of the Japanese secessionist fell the Japanese lieutenant emerged from cover, howling a warriors cry, as he threw himself at Ava with his swords drawn and ready to strike. She tries to immobilize the warrior by hacking into his armour, but his defenses prove to strong, most likely supported by a nearby hacker. As he approaches even closer a storm of bullets envelops him and all but a few shatters of his armor. None of them taking him down. Ava was calm in the face of danger as the warrior charged at her in a berserk rage. She squeezes of a shot that connected and the soldier fell to the ground, not a foot from her position. His nine lives all spent.

None of the forces are in any shape to continue fighting and withdraw. The nomads managing at least to try out a new formula for battle field medical procedures while fighting the Japanese secessionist army for the first time.


Kurage Krizas

Kategori: Infinity

The combine army had stuck the Kurage station hard from the North as Ava and the Tunguskan strike force were approaching from the west. Ava snuck past the Japanese sentries and into the base to scout ahead of the Tunguskan strike force. She could make out a few troopers here and there, clearly only a token force. She Climbed up to get a better vantage point of the field. In the distance she could see a Combine army vanguard force breaking of from the main force and heading their way.
As they did, the last of the Japanese troops took of towards them.

"Look alive people, incoming hostiles. Spring the trap!" Ava, signaled to the remainder of the force as she took up position in a central location close to antenna they are trying to secure.

"You heard her, take positions and fire on my mark"
Goliaths voice echoed over the comes as he lumbered forward in his heavy armor. Next to him, his partner Natalya took up position on his right flank.

The Kriza Borac duo had been deployed in response to the increasingly heavy resistance from the Combine army. Having secured the aid of Perseus the Rogue myrmidon for this mission a group a Securitate followed him closely to aid in covering the right flank. Juanita snuck forward a bit and activated her limited camouflage close to the Krizas to offer some protection.

The nomad force took positions and watched from cover at the approaching combine army converging on the antenna. It seems they too were looking to gain access to the JSA network from here. Mariah trained the scope on her sniper rifle and traced an alien remote as it ascended the stairs and took up position on a roof top in the distance.

Goliaths voice boomed over the comms and within seconds Mariah had put three bullets through the chest and head of the alien remote, not even triggering a response from the robot. The remote were shredded apart and thrown back against the railing as the bullets struck home. A similar robot carrying a sniper rifle covering the approach were also shredded in bullets as Phillipe unleashed on it with his heavy machinegun from just below Mariah’s position.

Juanita scurried forward but her camouflage was canceled by some interference from the approaching aliens. Though she did make it to cover before her cloaking ability shut of.

Natalya moved to intercept an alien remote and unleashed the full power of the fully automatic reloading system of the Kriza configuration, shredding the alien remote in the distance as she backed up some and took a suppressive position along with Goliath who followed close behind.

A airborne trooper drops close to the nomads lines and snuck past the main defense to attack from the side. Bringing a shotgun to bear on the covering nomad troops. Though it didn't count on the coverage of the fireteam to aid the nomads as much as it did. Shotgun fire starts flying in both directions and as the smoke clears the alien troopers lays lifeless on the ground as Vince causually reloaded his own boarding shotgun.

From her vantage point Ava can make out movement in the back lines of the alien force and soon the previously neutralized remote was back up and running again.

"Hostile incoming at 10 a clock. The remote is back up again."
Ava’s voice cracks through the static just as a bullets starts raining down on the Kriza Duo. Goliath took a hit to the chest and ducked out of fire as the impact shattered a plate on his armor. Natalya fared better but still consolidated for cover as the machine keept firing across to their position seemingly ignoring their cover.

Having turned his back towards the once harmless remote, Phillipe was attacked by surprised from behind as the machine sprays him with bullets, but only managing to hit once, which fortunattly was absorbed by Phillipe’s armor as he too consolidated his position.
The remote continues and rounded the central position before taking up position to take out Mariah as she tried to duck out of the way, the alien support ware protocol making short work of whatever protection she was carrying and dropping her dead to the floor.

Ava climbs down from the containers and moved for the alien remote readying her hacking device as she went. As she crosses a gap in the containers her camouflage was jammed by another alien remote, but at this point it was already to late. She moved closer to the remote and immobilizes it.
"Phillipe, the remote is immobilized, take it out."


Phillipe leand out and the remote was easily shredded by the combine effort of hacking programs and machinegun fire.

Ava’s voice crackles over the comms as she speaks again with a satisfied tone in her voice.
"All their main pieces are taken out" We are free to move in hard."

"Everyone, fire at will! Send the alien bastards back to where they came from. " Goliath yells over the comms.

Natalya broke cover guns blazing. Firing for a good few seconds while advancing, never staying the spray of bullets and shredding target after target. An alien hacker was caught in the onslaught but manages to dodge out of the way. When she finally released the trigger and surveyed the battlefield half a dozen remote husks stood motionless in the distance as did the lifeless corpse of the alien medtech.

The combine forces were taking heavy losses and were now converging to the right flank to assault the nomads again. A pitcher came flying through the air and landed near Ava who immediately prepared to be assaulted. Though the force of the alien hacker was to much for Ava and she fell unconscious to the ground as the alien advanced and peppered Phillipe in plasma fire. The few aliens remaining took up defensive positions close to the center and prepared for the nomad counter assault.

"We have them were we want them, advance on the centr

al position and takes them out. Perseus, Juanita and Natalya, you are with me." Move out.

Goliath approached the center and furiously sprayed the alien position with bullets. Not noticing the plasma blast that hit him hard in the face and his vision vanished as he fell unconscious. Meanwhile Perseus threws a smoke grenade and activates the antenna while taking cover behind the nearby oil drums as he does.

Seline, having stayed back until now hurried up to Goliath and examined his wounds. She administerd some injections and staples up the worst of the wound as he regained consciousness.

A crackle of energy leaped over the alien remote and a spark of intelligence erupts in its eyes. Facing of against Perseus the remote sprayed with its plasma carbine as Perseus ducked for cover and droped a smoke grenade. The grenade failed to detonate, and Perseus was blasted in plasma fire as he ducked away.

Seline watcheed in horror as the remote opened fire at her. She froze, and a plasma burst struck her side, she wiggled for cover surprised to be alive. She found that she had only been hit with a fragment of superheated plasma as the container took the blunt of the impact.

Over on the other side Natalya dodged for cover as the alien hacker rose from behind some barrels and sprayed her position with plasma fire. One blast impacted her armor but didn't penetrate as she steps aside.

The remotes having tried to make a last push towards the antenna but fell short and was stranded in the crossfire from the Kriza Duo, securing the network connection for the nomads.

Tying the knot

Kategori: Infinity

Having retreated from her crushing defeat at the Aleph base Jaina were being flown back to Johnny-5 on the landing craft. The craft were just breaking through the clouds when they saw firefights on the Johnny-5 base. Jaina, barely conscious stood up and addressed her soldiers.

“So it seems that our duty is not done just yet. An invading force have assaulted the Netzknot.”

Just as she silenced the comms relay of the craft erupted in static and a voice echoed through the hold.

“We are under attack! I repeat we are under attack. Aleph forces are assaulting the Netzknot trying to access Arachne.” It went back to static and then silent again.

“I know most of you are injured and not ready to fight just yet. You will stay here and guard the ship while the rest of us try and kick those blasted Aleph out of here.” Jainas voice raised as she almost screamed the last part.

The landing craft hovered over the battle field for a few seconds as the strike force jumped out, and then flew of a bit and landed nearby.

Jaina took cover on a building far back so as to best survey the battlefield without getting into to much trouble. Her wounds sure as hell hadn’t healed yet. Without a word a large portion of her force advanced and took up forward positions as the rest prepared to move out. Jaina watched her forces on the heads-up display in her visor and smiled as Chico and his hecklers to up position along the front line. A couple of zonds were positioned on either flank to cover the sides. Having learned from the airborne deployment of the combine army in the last battle Jaina wasn’t going to make that mistake again anytime soon. Rayden and his zondbots took up positions to aid were needed be. With heavy footsteps Amaya fell in line in her Szalamandra armor. Without a second to spare the aleph start showing up on Jainas display.

Just as Jaina summarized the battlepaln to herself she saw movement in the distance. A huge figure carrying and obscene hammer rushing across the field towards Amaya. He crosses the field fast and as he approaches the Tunguskan lines a Hecklers reveals from camouflage and isolates him with his jammer as the bullets shreds the poor heckler to ribbons.

Across from him a pair of figures moved along, one a blur of motions and the other nigh unnoticeable.

With a loud thud the Szalamandra steped forward and lets loose a hail of hyper rapid magnetic rounds at the huge myrmidon warrior but he managed to dodge out of harms way for now. What he didn’t know was that he had dodged into range of the repeater on a zond. With a smile Mary lets loose her Icebreaker program and the Myrmidon was soon frozen in place as his armor stops responding.

“The Myrmidon is helpless for the moment, move on his position.” Mary’s voice crackled over the static filled comm-link.

Split seconds later a pair of missiles streaked along and impacted into Ajax’s chest obliterating the Myrmidon. Chico emerged from his camouflaged state from around the same area as the missiles originated from. Leaning out to fire with his red fury at the post-human proxy securing the antenna for Aleph, shredding it in a shocking display of bullets.

Rayden moved up and secured the closest antenna of the Netzknoten as he and a couple of others layed down suppressive fire.

A smoke screen appeared near Amaya and from within the smoke she could see the vague form of a remote. Knowing what is coming she drops the suppressions fire and started reset her system to stop the Aleph from possessing her Szalamandra.

With horror in her eyes she froze as her controls shuts her out and locks her inside the armor. On the display in front of her she could see the giant gun of the Szalamandra leveling out towards her own forces. She closes her eyes and braced herself as the suit unleasheed hail after hail of hyper rapid metal slugs across the Tunguskan lines. She did all in her power to get the controls back but she couldn’t stop the onslaught for now.

The Aleph controlled Szalamandra managed to take out both Rayden and a zond across the field. Though it tried to take out Abdullahi’s hollowman remote body, the shots failed to pierce the thick armor. The remote tactically retreated behind cover. Just as the Szalamandra was about to shoot once again a familiar voice erupted in Amayas comms.

“Would you like your toy back?” There was no mistaking Marys voice, a sigh of relief washed over Amaya as she smiled.

“Yes mam!” Amaya replied as a static chock shook the TAG and Amaya was in control again, though not with all the controls back to normal just yet.

The Aleph assault continued as a tactical remote was air dropped just beside the Tunguskan lines in an attempt to advances on their flank. Having learned from last time Jaina quickly issued the order.

“Chico, on your right! Take it out before we are surrounded.” The confident was clearly noticeable in Jainas voice as she barked orders over the comms.

The remote didn’t do more than land before it was shredded with rounds from Chico’s suppressive fire as it descended.

Switching from pure assault to a more tactical approach the thermal optical trooper in the center reveals and moves to control the central antenna.

“Amaya, Take over control of you monster! Chico, we need to advance on your flank, push forward. Lets show these bastards who is in charge here.” Jaina smiled as a chorus echoed in her comms when her forces confirmed the order.

With a crackling sound and a thud of static Amaya forced the controls back, leveled her gun at the remote that had made this mess possible. With a hail of bullets she ripped the remote apart.

Chico pushed on the advance on his flank firing left and right at all targets and eventually taking out a good portion of the defending troops on that side. Though he couldn’t really go head to head with the post-human guarding their back field so he retreats back into cover again.


Juanita broke her protective cloaking and backed up towards the antenna to at least even out the field against the intruders. Just as she activated the antenna she can make out the form of a thermal optical trooper revealing far behind her. Not having time to properly aim she just ducked and threw of a shoot in that direction as she felt the sniper bullet grazing her cheek when she hits the ground. She lifted her head and spy in the distance, surprised as the post-human shell lays lifeless on the container with a clean bullet hole straight through the head.

Not having much of a choice anymore the aleph forces go all out for the antennas to secure the connection to Arachne. The back field was covered by a hacker and some protection. On the right flank a robotic engineer patched up the remote and then drops prone next to the antenna as it fiddles with it to gain access. Most of the Aleph troopers started laying down suppressing fire to stop the nomads from pushing them of the antennas.

“Arachne is compromised, all out offence. We need to secure those antennas before Aleph gain access to our network. Priorities are antenna three, four and five.” Jaina spoke calmly and with steadfast determination as the orders were given. All of the troopers under her command knew what that meant, things were really tense, and no room for errors.

Chico peaked out from behind his cover and fired a salvo at the engineer that was trying to bypass their defenses. His shock rounds easily shredding the intruder.

Abdullahi jumped his remote up the building and fired at one of the invaders trying to gain access through an antenna. He launched a missile just as he was hit in the shoulder and the projectile veered of into the sky before detonating harmlessly above. The shot hadn’t damaged him, just made him miss. The balcony cracked as he jumped once more onto the roof of the building, firing at the hacker that was accessing the network as he ascended the building. A missile struck true and the troopers was blasted apart, but the covering trooper manages to damage the hollowman. Though this lead to securing the second access point for the Tunguskan forces. Abdullahi rerouted all movement to the legs and jumped straight up gaining sight of the central trooper that previously emerged from thermal optical camouflage. And it to was shredded by missile fire as the hollowman suit was severely damaged before hitting the ground and disconnecting.

“Good work everyone, the aleph troopers are all but routed. We just need to clean up a few stragglers before the base is secure.”


Darkest Day

Kategori: Infinity

 Jaina hunkered down and surveyed the field in front of her, spotting the supply crates in the Aleph Dawn-01 base easily enough. There were no Aleph troops within sight and Jaina broke into a smile.

Out of nowhere the alarm sounds as a small landing craft broke the cloudbank and lands in the outskirts of the base, not far from Jainas position. She could see the morats jumping ahead towards her location, clearly aware of the Tunguskan forces.

Jaina curses loudly and opens the comm-link.

“Defensive positions! The combine army have us by the throat. I need a good spread with clear fire lanes!” Jaina barked while swallowing her own surprise from the attack.

“Tiamat take the right flank, Abdullhai you take the central buildings, Rayden and Seline you spread out to cover the force with support as needed, you will be on your own today. I need Mikkela in a central position waiting for further instructions, hidden. Rahel, deploy to the left!” She didn’t have time to register the advance of the rogue Fraacta advancing in cover on the right flank as she ordered the remote pilots to deploy the zonds.

Jaina stoped for a moment to assess the situation. Through the Lunokhod sensors she saw a Fraacta emerge on the far-right and take out the Stempler zond deployed there. The zondnaut drops a smoke grenade to protect itself. The lunokhod arms not able to reach just held its ground for now.

From his position Tiamat can see the morats advancing on him. He raised his heavy machinegun to fire back only to see a couple of missiles steak towards him. Desperately needing to get out of the way he dropped his gun and dives for cover. But alas to late, in a series of explosions the Kriza is obliterated.

The Fraacta moveed up further and toke aim at the Lunokhod, knowing it is doomed it put the koalas on standby as its armor plating was ripped apart by spitfire rounds.The fraacta the advanced on the Tsyklon who tried to respond with an explosive round from its feuerbach, but it too was shredded by the alien. Over the radio Jaina heard the screams of Rayden as he to was gunned down by the alien trooper.

With a heavy heart Jaina noticed her force already severely decimated and she need to start thinking about retreating with what she had left. Though letting her pride get the better of her she screams over the comms.

“Abdullahi, fire at will! The same goes for you Mikkela.”

Jaina moves about on her vantagepoint and toke aim at the Fraacta now advancing on her position, she caught it in the open and let loose a volley of fire at the alien intruder. Bullets scatter harmlessly around the alien, not one hitting its mark as the alien fires back. With a earsplitting sound Jainas helmet was knocked of by the impact of the return fire, her vision turned to black and she fell unconscious.


Hearing the chain of command ripped apart Abdullahi grabed his spitfire tighter and shreds the morat heavy weapon troopers in an attempt to stay their advance some. Getting both the missile launcher and the heavy machinegun down before he needed to reload. Meanwhile Rahel dismounts her bike which morphed into a small combat remote. They both fired at an alien remote taken covering position over on the left flank, covering the supply crate.

In a last-ditch attempt to halt the alien advance Mikkela reveals from her thermal optical camouflage and fires at the Fraacta, but her focus being of and she missies with all of her shots. She sighed in relief as the alien did the same.

The alien force responding quickly to the flow of the battle with the morats and their Umbra master advances on the Tunguskan lines. Mikkela was almost caught by surprise as the shotgun shells starts flying. She dodges to the side but a blast to the stomach sends hear reeling and she sags to the ground her vision fading as her consciousness escapes her. With a roar the Umbra jumped on her and sank its fangs into Mikkela and drank deep on her lifeblood invigorating itself in the process. Leaving her a dead husk on the ground.

Not knowing what was coming from behind, Rahel continued to cover forward with her zondmate as the umbra thrashes her in the back with its spitfire leaving her in a pile of blood. Pressing on the morats open one of the boxes and extract the vital supplies inside. It jumped into cover with it as the umbra jumps up on the nearby building and jamed the vorpal sword through the spinal cord of the Hollowman construct as it tried to defend with its pistol.
Seline left all alone on the field, the comms eerie silent, she shook the worst of the effect and advanced on the morat unit. She took careful aim across the field at the one holding the supplies, she would need a miracle to take it down. She slowly squeezed the trigger as the morat saw her and dodged for cover. With a stroke of luck never seen before she hit the morat as it maked for cover but the armor of the alien shruged of the round. As the noise of the firefight settled she noticed a wound in her right lung as she fell over, grasping for air. The Fraacta had gotten to her just as she fired at the morat, trying to save the day.

“Jaina, come in?! JAINA! Answer me god damn it.” Marcus yells over the comms as the landing craft approaches the scene. Just as he exits the craft the morats leave with their spoils and he is left gazing over the field of battle, the bodies of his fallen friends littering the place.

This is truly on a Dark day. Marcus thought as his heart and soul ached for the fallen.


Firewall at Johnny-5

Kategori: Infinity

The first rays of the sun rose over the horizon as Jaina walked out in the corridor of the Johnny5 Kommstat. She could see gatherings of ice on the windows of the station. She didn’t get more than one step into the corridor when the sirens begone to sound and the corridor filled with red flashing light. With a buzzing sound and a loud crack her comm-link burst with sounds.

“The EI is assaulting Johnn-5, all personal move to designated positions. I repeat, the Combined Army is assaulting the base.”

Jaina could make out the familiar sound of her superior, Marcus as he shouted orders over the comms. She hurried and activated her hacking device and started running down the hall to the express elevators. As she exited the elevator the fighting was already well under way. A squad of Morats had entered the facility led by one of the ominous Umbras. To the left she could hear the familiar sounds of rapid firing plasma weaponry from the total reaction remote that were deployed there.

The Combine army had assumed they caught the nomads of guard but as a solids defense had already been formed they could tell that wasn’t the case. Behind her a fireteam were covering the central part of the field with Feuerbachs, while a puppet troupe covered the right flank. She opened up her tactical display to get a better view of the situation as a couple of zonds move up beside her, she could see the transductor mark on one of them and the other were the servant of a nearby doctor. The comm-link sparked to life again and Marcus’s voice echoed as he barked orders.

“Jaina, move into position in the center, don’t let them take that transmission node. Phillipe take your fireteam and cover her advance. I will take control of the tsykoln and push up the left flank. Over and out.

With a cracking sound the comm-link went silent. Jaina could make out the sound of the zonds metal legs clanking on the containers as it climbed down and sett of towards the flank. Jaina connected to the zonds visual node to survey the field. Tagging along as Marcus directed the zond across the field. It hurried along and scuttled up the side of a building just as a malign alien appeared from its thermal optial camouflage behind a nearby container. It fired of a shotgun shot at the zond which scattered of its armor. Marcus modified the zonds targeting system in a split of a second before turning the machine to shred the alien with bullets. Marcus reached out via a transmission node and immobilized an alien reaction remote before urging his own forward and shredding that one too.

“Jaina take the center I will cover this flank for you”

The zond and Jaina slowly moved in coherency up the field as the zond fired in an attempt to finish of the two aliens, eventually managing to topple the machine but left the alien being in a embryo state on the floor.

Meanwhile the puppet troupe moved up the other side and engaged the space monkeys but couldn’t get a good shot in and one of them eventually fell to the return fire.

Jaina couldn’t get all the way to the center transmission node before another alien appeared from thermal optical camouflage. Her heart skipped a beat as the signature muzzle fire of a missile launcher erupted and the projectile streaked for her. She threw herself for cover and could feel the heat of the propellant from the missile sear her suit as it barely missed her. The zond didn’t have time to react before the alien peppered it with shots from its sidearm and incapacitated the remote.
The puppets proving to be a real nuisance to the aliens got the blunt of the counter strike and all fell to the morats as they advanced up and towards the Tunguskan lines. Taking an uncharacteristic causal approach, the morats even managed to pick out one of the Feuerbachs covering Jainas position down the center.

Though the aliens did advance the Nomads still controlled most of the battlefield for now.

“Jaina, Keep position! MEDIC, to the center and aid the Securitate, they are under heavy fire. The rest of you, get the aliens of my station! NOW!”

Jaina could see Selines medical servant moving of towards the fireteam and soon after the downed trooper got back up. They started advancing as per Marcus orders and took up position closer to the center. To the right she could see Mary moving along and suddenly falling as another alien appeared out of nowhere. The Securitate force shifted and opened fire on the alien but not managing to take it out as it dodged prone and out of the way.

Seline couldn’t get her robot over to Mary so she had to tend to the hacker herself, sneaking past the fire lanes of the armored assault force of the morats. Whatever Seline did, it worked, and Mary got back up with a sinister smile on her face as she did so. A zond emerged and moved closer. Jaina could sense the presence of the alien hacker as the remote approached only to have the sensation shut down when the repeater of the zond was shut down. Mary smiled again and Jaina instinctively knew she was engaging the alien digitally. Jaina saw a jolt of energy jumping into the air as Mary fried the brain of the alien hacker.

With a roar the morats and their Umbra leader rushed Marys position and gunned her down in a hail of shotgun shells. Jaina turned to see Philipes face turn horror as a morat with a heavy machine gun landed on top of a stack of containers with a heavy thud. His gun trained on the Securitate team most of the were shredded by the fire only leaving Phillipe and the medic standing. The Umbra moved bout and took up position near the nomad’s tech officer caught in middle of the fight.

The combine army were gaining ground and they were now controlling the better part of the transmission nodes.

“We are being swarmed, regroup! Cover your friends and make for the elevator hall.”
Jaina noticed a glimpse of desperation in Marcus’s voice as he last order were given. She too could tell that they were losing the transmission nodes, for now.

With a heavy sigh she advanced around the corned of the container stack and took aim at the Umbra standing there. Blowing it apart with her boarding shotgun. She took another step and fired again at an morat trooper further back, shredding it too in a burst of shotgun shells. She slowly advanced up and peaked the corner yet again and fire at another two morats covering one of the transmission nodes. After a hail of shots fired in both directions one of the morats fells but Jaina had taken a nasty wound to her side. Blood were pouring as she staggered back behind the containers before it all turned black and the fell unconscious.


Jaina woke to the familiar face of Seline in the elevator hall. She felt her wound and could make out the hasty stitches administered by the doctor as she had dragged Jaina to safety. As she smiled to be alive Marcus approached her with a stern look on his face. Jainas smile faded and her mind begin to race.

“That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen Jaina! What were you thinking? You might just have saved us all with that reckless attack.” He broke into a smile and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Rest, we will need you again soon as we have to take this node base back from the dreaded aliens. Even though you save us, they did manage to get wrestle control for the nodes in a final push.


Frozen Bytes

Kategori: Battle reports

The heavy snowfall obscured the site as Jaina mobilized her forces and approached the Haqqislam mining facility hoping to catch the defenders unaware. Lowering her visor and surveying the field through her tactical display she detected pillars of smoke in the distance and greenish explosions eruption on the outskirts of the facility. Just as she opened up a comm-link an explosion threw her of her feet, she cursed and addressed her troops while the snowfall subsided.

“The Combine Army is here! Hollowmen, take the right flank, watch out for that missile launcher. Zondnauts, you two need to go up the center and activate those heating units before we freeze. I will take the left flank with the Lunokhod. Taygen, you stay here and deploy your zondbots across the field in case we need you. Move out!”

She had hoped for a quick and decisive strike at the Haqqislam supplies but it had suddenly turned into a savage engagement with the Combine Army. Jaina hunkered down in the cold and activated her disguise. Following the Hollowmen on her visors tactical display as they scuttled forward. They soon engaged the alien forces and with precise strikes obliterating a couple of unidrons covering the center. In the distance they discovered Bit, the Alive hacker gone rogue. The Hollowman jumping into the air taking aim at the rogue hacker with its missile launcher when a malign alien appeared from thermal optical camouflage, forcing the Hollowman to split its fire. Obliterating both adversaries in explosive rounds. Though mid jump Kiss managed to hit the Hollowman with a lucky shot from its adhesive launcher as it disconnected, gluing the trooper to the ground as it landed.


The Hollowman would have been easy prey stranded out in the open hadn’t the Taygen seen this happen and urged his zondbots over to aid the construct. The Hollowmen consolidated into cover as the Stempler zond triggered the rightmost console to activate the heating unit located in the Tunguskan back lines.
Meanwhile on the other side the Lunokhod advanced under cover in the supply yard. Little did it expect a TAG to emerge from thermal optical camouflage among the containers and shred its up-link through its heavy plating.

Even though the Tunguskan had delivered a decisive blow the Onyx force were not deterred by the onslaught. The imposing form of the Sphinx shrugged of some snow and raced towards the Tunguskan lines, guns blazing as it ran. Bullets bouncing of the armor of the Zondnautica and the Lunokhod while they tried to dodge or throw down smoke. Jaina lowered her head and opened up her tactical overview as the blips of her troopers died out one by one. When the smoke cleared a Zondnautica lay unconscious and the Lunokhod were obliterated. It even managed to shred on of the Hollowmen from across the war zone despite the distance. But that was it for now.

Left almost alone on the left flank Jaina opens up her comm-link, deployed her FastPanda and readied her hacking device.

“Stay on target, move one the consoles! I will handle this one myself.” She said with unwavering determination, cursing under her breath yet again.

Jaina probed the sphinx defenses for a second before assaulting the controls of the alien construct head on. Easily navigating the foreign coding and hacking defenses. A moment later she shut out the controller from the sphinx navigations and started advancing on the Onyx forces with their own TAG.

She set her sight on the closest heating unit were most of the enemy forces were gathered. Destroying it would severely hamper their chances of getting out of here alive. Advancing steadily with the alien TAG, she sprayed bullets at the alien remotes. Plasma blast all missing their target as they tried to protect themselves. Jaina ignored most of the shots as wounds to the TAG would only serve her purpose. The Sphinx slashing out at the heating unit and ripped a huge chunk out of it, rendering it useless to the combined army. Jaina smiled as she turned the TAGs around and focused her attention towards the gathering of unidrons and nexuses hiding in the building nearby. With superheated flames and spitfire bullets Jaina manages to incapacitate a few unidrons and a hacker. Leaving mostly scorched husks and an eerie warmth in the blistering cold.

A surge of energy raced across the Sphinx as the controller wrestles back control of the TAG. Jaina could feel the anger of the enemy as it did. Advancing back down the left flank and annihilating the last Zondnautica with its spitfire it took cover behind a pile of crates. The Sphinx enters suppressive fire to cover itself from the counterattack as did the two nexuses at the back of the onyx lines.

Seeing the desperation in the plan of the Onyx force Jaina spoke out over the comm-link again, in a calm and steady voice.

“We have them cornered, wait for my signal and take out that TAG, leave the land grab to me.”

Jaina jumps down from her vantage point and advances on the Sphinx’s position. The operator wasn’t as unprepared this time and Jainas attack was repelled. As the TAG reset her digital assault it seizes its suppression and Jaina broke a smile as the TAG was caught in her trap.

“Take it down”

Without a second thought a Hollowman jumps into the air, landing on the balcony of a nearby building as it fires a salvo of missiles into the shasvastii TAG, knocking it back with a massive series of explosions. Skirting the wall for cover the Hollowman moves up and fires again, shredding the TAG in a burst of explosions.

Now grasping at straws, a nexus killer hacker pitches a repeater close to Jaina and assaults her with a sinister malware intent on disabling the Tunguskan lieutenant. Jaina readied her defensive program in anticipation and the attack falters. The eyes of the alien hacker went blank as the cold became too much to handle for it and the other nexus, ice starting to build up around them.

“The threat is eliminated, proceed as planned. Taygen, get the Stempler Zond up and running, the cold seems to have gotten to it.” The rest of you, move on the supplies. It appears the combine army have opened up the way for us”

Beer, Burgers and Battles

Kategori: Infinity

A bit late but here is a recap of what happened in our Beerfinity weekend on may 20 and 21.
Day One - Saturday
Day one was the official Beerfinityevent followed the next day with the Treason narrative event. We were 8 players ranging from seasoned, by our standards, to new players. 
For the Beerfinity Saturday we had pick up games through the day and the Beerfinity glass was awared to the person who made a crit on the lowest target number. We ended up needing tie breakers as two players managed to crit on rolls needing a 1 to hit. In the end the award went to the local Steel Phalanx player, who also happened to design the glass.
I played Araidna for the beerfinity event and managed to get a game in against Combine army and one against a Tohaa player that visited for this event. One of the points of the beerfinity was to bring kind of wonky lists. I tried but I guess i ended up with kind of a good list anyway.
The Combine player brought a list with an Anathematic, a Charantid and a Skiavoros. Which is kind of a wonky list.
My list was more aimed towards trying out alot of new toys for a faction i hadn't played before.
I ended up beating the Combine army quite handily at the mission Armoury. Winning 10-0. Quite a few of those points were due to me not being able to fail any of about 10 save needing 12+ or worse on the Combine 3rd turn. I would still have won but not with quite the same margin.
My second game against Tohaa on the mission frontline ended up with me loosing 9-1. This was partly to the player being a good player with his army but also from me not knowing how Tohaa works. I need more practice with or against them to get a better feeling of how to beat them.
In between these games were beers and Burgers. A true craftsmanship from one of the players. Home made bread, home grinded meat and much more. He really put in that extra effort to lift the event to a higher standard. Well done mate! Most of us attending helped with something but the main effort was his.
Day Two - Sunday
This day was the day of the acctual tournament which I was managing as well as playing. I took my Bakunin lists that I wrote about before. 
First of I got to play my nemesis Muffin that brought a Neoterra Squalo list. It was a really tight game but in the end he managed to snatch a victory in Annihilation with a score of 6-2. Bran Do Castro put in alot of good work, as did the swasts. The Squalo and the Machinist was the main players of the Neoterran forces.
Second game was against our second Combine Army player. He brought a well rounded list sporting a Charantid, Kerr Nau, alot of Remotes and some more toys. This games was really tight. Ending in a draw only Thanks to my opponent being greedy and exposing Kerr to a mine which killed him.
So Safe Area ended 3-3.
Last game was against our newest player bringing his Steel Phalanx to Hunting Party.
Not much happened in game actuall. I managed to isolate his Lieutenant and finish both my classified objectives and he managing to pull of a Kidnapping. 
In the end game game finished with me winning 6-1.  Other than that we mostly moved around, shot some but didnt end up doing much.
This netted me a 5th place out of eight. Not even close to what I would like but as it was my own event I am ok with it. The top three were Merovingian, Combine Army and Yu Jing.
All in all, a Fantastic event woth lots of great games, great friends and alot of fun.
Lastly I want to includ a few pictures og the tabels and some games that weren’t mine to show of what happened some more.

Sectorial Annihilation

Kategori: Battle reports


Some time ago I played a game with my list intended for the narrative event on on sunday 21st of May. My previous post goes more in depth on the list so I will just post it here without any deeper analysis.
The ISS player tried out a bit of a different list with just 10 orders.
We played annihilation from the regular ITS-pack without the restrictions from the Narrative event. The Imperial Service won the roll of and of course went first. I picked the sides and forced ISS to deploy first. He deployed a link of Celestial Guards and Cranes centrally with the Báo Sniper on the left side along with the Húsóng Yaókóng. To the right he deployed a Rui Shi.
Bakunin deployed a haris team of a Custodier and a Healer on the right flank and a duo of Taskmasters SWASTs on the left. The Zond were also deployed along the SWASTs. The Prowler deployed far to the left on a high vantage point. The Killed hacker deployed centrally in cover also on high ground. The two remaining zeroes deployed to the right and the mine in between the killer hacker and the minelayer near the center of the table.
ISS the deployed a Sú-Jián on the right flank and Nomads deplyed Bran Do Castro a quarter of an inch away from the ISS link with a clear LoF to the all. 
Turn One
The Yaókóng activated first and declared a discover on Bran who tried to dodge out of the way but were shredded by bullets, not putting up much of a fight. The Sú-Jián then hurried forward in its catform and took cover behind a flowerbed before raising and exchanging fire with the Heavy Rocket Launcher SWASTs across the field, critting him and felling the Armored elite in gory explosion.
Next up the Rui Shi who scurried across the board and managing to pass the Zond remotes vision undetected, training its sight on the far right camouflage marker. The Zero revealed and shoot at the remote only to realise it was a Lú Duán in holostate. Caought with surprise the Zero missed and was in return felled by the Mark 12 rifle of the remote. The Remote then tried to shoot the Reverend Healer covering behind a buidling just ahead but misses her.
The ISS consolidated the link some and put up the Yaókóng in a better firing position. And a Garuda Tacbot arrives on the left flank covering the approash on that flank.
The Bakunin forces are hurt but not broken. The prowler emerged from camouflage and shoot the Yaókóng to pieces with it's spitfire. He continues along cover and shreds the Gardua next.
A Zero minelayer peaked out behind a building and trains its rifle on the holoechos of the Lú Duán and manages to destroy it just as the fire from it's heavy flamethrower engulfes the zero.
The Prowler then tried to snipe out one of the members of the linked team but fallin into sight of two of them. He exchanges fire with them both but doesn't manage to down either of them and retreats into cover behind a holo billboard.
Turn Two
Having preformed as effectivly the ISS didn't expect quite the counterattack they recieved. They quickly recovered their wits and the Sú-Jián advanced on a Camouflage troop, only to get caought in the blast when it reveals to be a mine. The Cat continued to climb ontop the central containers drawing a line to both the prone camouflage marker and the Transductor Zond. The camouflaged troopers stayed her hand and remained in camouflage as the flashpulse struck true and stuned the Yu Jing monstrosity. The ISS fireteam advanced some and specualtivly fired a grenade at the Prowler who dodged further away and evaded the blast. The Imperial special forces spreads out some to cover more fire lanes and prepares to recieve the Nomad counter attack again. As the Fireteam moves past the comuflages trooper next to the battle cat reaveals as a killerhacker but is just short of the assaulthacker who it tried to kill.
The Counter attacks came immediatly as the Prowler fired a burst from its spitfire at the Sü-Jián blasting it appart as he fell back into cover of the billboard again. Having waited out the right moment to strike the SWAST emerges from behind the building and shredded the grenadlaunching celestial guard to ribbons with his Red fury.
The Prowler then tried to kill the Assault hacker Crane, though only managing to knock the Hacker into cover. The Zero activated next, as the crane is now within hacking range, but only manages to get immobilized itself.
Finishing up the Custodier entered into impersonation state with her lieutenant orders and the Prowler and Taskmaster coordinated to enter suppressive fire.
Turn Three
Both forces are now severly damages but the Nomads seems to have the upper hand for now. The Crane armed with a spitfire backed up ontop a pile of crates with gun blazing as he covered behind the crates. The Crane managed to outrange the prowler in supressive fire and the Nomad trooper evaporated in a red mist.
The Crane hacker is cought in a hacking attack and looses a wound to the Zero hacker as the link activated.
Having grown tired of the Zero the Báo advanced onto a larger crate and opens fire on it, in a dazzling display of lucky rolls the zero acctualy managed to dodge not once but twice into cover from the Báo.
The batle was hanging by a thread and the Nomads realised that they needed to make a final push to secure victory.  
Transductor moved up in a coordinated order with taskmaster, custodier and healer. The healer snuck past the spitfire armed Crane Agent across the field. The Custodier then put out white noise on the zero killer hacker whi managed to kill the Crane Agent with a skullbuster. The healer then lobed a shot from her medikit at the unconsious zero, downed by the Lú Duán, who recoverd from the injection.
The game ended 6-2 for Bakunin but if either the hacking kill of the Crane Agent or the Zero recovery would have failed it would have been 4-4 and if both would have failed it would have been 6-2 for the Imperial service insetad. This game is by far one of the best games i have had so far. Maybe the best. It was really tight and it all came down to the last dice roll to ensure victory and it could have gone either way.

Rising to the Challenge

Kategori: Infinity

In my last post I quickly summarized what I need for the event. Though I thought that it needs a bit of a further analysis.
I will go the way of the Samuari for this event and go with supporting the JSA Uprinsing to get the Banzai Bonus. +4" of deployment and always succeding on the initiative is great.
For the list i need all the troops that can dish out damage and survive in Annihilation and Safe Area, but I also need weapons that are good up to 32" as anything above that will miss in the special uprising mission. For this I am looking at Taskmasters, Riot Grrls, Tsyklones and Lunokhods for their armour, wounds and extra unconsious levels. Then Zeroes, Prowlers and Bran for Camo. The Moiras also deservs a special mention for their ODD and ARM combination.
Next up are specialists for the consoles for Safe area and antennas in Hunting Party, though for Hunting party you need to be carefull not to bring to many specialist to be hunted down. For safe area I only acctually need the specialists to connect the consoles, the classified will most likely be used as a intelcom card unless i draw two with really low values. For this I am mostly looking at Zeros as they are also really good for claiming quadrants raight of hte bat. Clockmakers are also good for removing immobilize in Hunting party. Riot Grrl, Prowler and Bran Specialist operative profiles are also considered in this.
Then comes the tricky part, I need Veterans, Elite and Headquarter troopes that get Adhesive launchers or Hackers that can Immobilize. E/M ammo is also i viable way to go, as is MULTI-weapons as they can immobilize in this scenario. Prowlers with adhesive launchers are veterans so will get a second one and thus Burst 2, which makes them a really obivous choice. Taskmasters are also veternas and already on my list of viable profiles for the other two missions. Sin-eaters are included here and since they are always burst one in active turn they don't really suffer. All the different reverends are elites and Moiras can link so would get to shoot twice with +3 MOD which is really nice, especially in tandem with their ODD. For MULTI-weapons the Riot Grrls and Moiras are the most interesting choices as they can link. MULTI-Snipers in Moderator and Moira links also seems kind of interesting, as is the Zero Multi Sniper.
The special rule for this mission is that one troopers will get the rules "Haredned in battle" and will count as a Veteran and thus get an Adhesive Launcher.
The Acctual Lists
For survivability and hitting power i went for a duo of SWAST Taskmasters, I admit the Rule of cool did matter alot for this. With four crazykoalas between them, a red fury, a heavy rocket launcher, a pulzar and a shotgun they can handle almost any threat. They are also less likely to be hacked as there is a Tinbot A with them. Then again this duo is 100 points and thus a third of my army.
Next up is a full AVA of Zeros, a Killer Hacker, a Minelayer and one with a Boarding shotgun. The hackers is both an infiltrating specialist and a way to save against hackers. The minelayer is nice for protecting my quadrants and put a dent in an advancing enemy plan. The shotgun is mostly for close range firefights.
One of my favourite profiles in this list is the Prowler Spitfire. A solid profile and a menace to handle.
I know there are two Combine players and I heard that one will play Yu Jing so I figured I will go first in some missions. The rest of the players seems to be going for the same bonus I am. Taking this into consideration iI went for a lieutenant option that has a high WIP and can hang back. NAmely the Custodier Hacker Plus. A bold choice in case I go second and get her killed with hacking. But the is what my killer hacker is for.
Still assuming I go first in some games I addin in Bran, the tripple Zero. I went for the boarding shotgun version as I want to use him as an aggressive attack piece.
Having a mere eight points left went for the flashpulse remote over the baggage one even though one mission is a quadrant mission. Mostly because I want the option of using it as a repeater, which is alot easier when you have a smaller siluette. And I also really like the Flashpulse as a ARO threat.
Netting me a list at 300 points on the dot and 6 SWC I feel satisfied that it will do what I want it do, i just need to play it right.

The Uprising

Kategori: Infinity

Going into a invitational only tournament with the missions from the narrative event I have started to look at lists for that. While doing this i would also like to try out lists with one combat group and just 10 orders as I usually play lists with around 15 orders. This is mainly in preparation of Tunguska when they drop as I am having a hard time seeing them playing lists with lots of orders.
I did a pull on facebook to see what i would play and it appears that Bakunin won. So now I am listbuidlning and teching for Bakunin. So my thought are all over the place right now.
First of all you need to side with either Yu Jing, JSA or the Combine army. While doing so you get a bonus dependent on which one you side with.
Yu jing getting +1 SWC to their total army points, meaning you can bring 7 in a mid tier list.
JSA gets automatic win on the initiative roll as long as the other player isn't bringing the same bonus. And also give you a bigger deployment zone with an additional 4" forward.
Combine army get +25 points to their lists.
Though these are all fine I will go for the lore one in this event as it is a narrative event I feel that JSA will get my support. So i will be building the list with that bonus in mind. I can think of a few tricks and approaches that will work in favour of that bonus.
Right, now I will go over the missions in the event and the twists to the missions. We are deciding to run the two optional games as causal games and run the three others in a event fachion. So on to the games themselves.
Annihilation is quite simple, you need to kill as much as possible and still retain as much as possible of your own army. In the narrative event you are restricted to 32" range on shooting. Meaning some weapons aren't going to be as good. Sniper rifles and Missile launchers being some examples.
Safe Area
For this mission you will need to dominate zones at the end of the game and control more concoles in those zones. The twist to this on is that it is played in an aquatic terrain, which in this mission means that models possessing Aquatic terrain or Multiterrain gain +1 to their first move value.
Hunting Party
This is a really wierd mission were some of your models gains Adhesive Launchers and/or stun pistols, your multi weapons gains stun ammo and you need to capture enemy models rather than killing them. In this narrative mission you get to nominate a troop profile that will get Adhesive launchers by making them count as veteran troops.
So for this even I will need sturdy models that can capture zones and survive. Troops that can survive annihilation while dishing out lots of punishment themselves. I will also need Elite, Veteran or Headquarter units to be able to hunt my enemies. 
For the other day we are playing the two optional missions which are Deadly Dance and on old favourite in the Armoury.

Next up is the Armoury which isn't in this season of the ITS but makes a omback in this event. You will need to dominate the room in the center of the table and gain more supplies from the panoplies inside the room. This mission ignore Retreat! as a twist.
Deadly Dance
For deadly dance you need to dominate a specific zones and this time it is every round and you gain a bonus for dominating your zone with a TAG. There is also a chanse/risk that the designated zones will shift. There is no additional twist to this one in this event.
Well this is it for this time. This post turned out pretty boring with alot of text but I hope the next one will be better. Next time will be list building for the event. Good competitive list for one day and goofy lists for the toher day.
Until next time. 
May you all roll lots of crits and may all your plans make contact with the opponent.

Cutting a Cutter

Kategori: Ariadna


Irmandinhos Jake went through the scattered equipment of the battlezone just before the Panoceanians became visible in the distance. He gasped as he noticed a monofilament sword in a heap of scraps. With a humming sound the powercore of the sword kicked up and he smiled.
Shots errupted in the center of the field when camouflaged Panoceanian troopers clashed with the Ariadnan forward elements ontop the central walkway. From out of nowhere a Cutter materialised and hurried up the stairs so he could handle the situation, though in his hurry he failed to notice an infiltrated grunt nearby who tourched the cutter in heavy flames, burning of the camouflage capabilities of the TAG.
On the other flank a howl errupted as the Devildog team launched across the field in an attempt to press the right flank of the panoceanian forces, getting across but falling to the concentrated fire of the Panocenaian superior firepower.
The Irmandinhos beconed the nearby maverick on to cover his approach with her smokelauncher before moving up himself. Just as she placed the smoke a machinist found his mark with a lucky shot and felled the maverick in her tracks.
Jake however advanced and didn't notice the Knight perched ontop of the building, thankfully the tankhunter to his right did. Dropping him in a cascade of bullets from his heavy machinegun.
Jake moved on darting between the support beems of the walkway befor climbing up just beside the Cutter heavy Tag, still covered in the smoke layed down by the maverick. He powered up his newly found swords and dashed into combat, slicing the construct in half. A couple of foxtrots emerge from cover and started working on the data feed from the consoles scattered throughout the ruined city.
Sensing the Panoceaninan force losing ground as the heavier elements of their force were decimated. Lieutenant Penelope's voice echoed through the comms when she ordered Van Zant and Uxia to spring their trap. Decimating the support of the Panoceanian force from behind leaving the remaining forces scattered and broken, managing to achive supremacy over the city ruins before driving of the last of the Panoceanian forces.

There and back again

Kategori: Battle reports

Jaina took cover behind the container on the far right flank with her college Raydin from the Tunguskan interventor unit deploying near the center. Amaya deployed in cover from the tall central building in her Szalamander armor now battle ready after the last misshap versus the Haqqislam forces.
The analyst that recorded the anomaly in the communications was still positioned close to the antenna were she hade first picked up the signal from the approaching Onyx force. Jaina had brought a small but accomplished force to deal with the Onyx insertion upon recieving the distress signal from the Nomads analyst of the surface.
The nomads positioned defensivly, waiting for the onyx force to approach before springing the trap. The onyx force scurrying among the buildings connecting servera antennas to their spacecraft in orbit before Meridia got a chanse to hit back with full force. Employing her multispectral visor and the cover of smoke providied by the near Jaguar to decimate the onyx force. Felling several Unidraons and a Umbra Legate before retreating back into concealment with her camouflage technology.
The onyx cought of guard by the shear brutality of the Intruder assault quickly regrouped and managed to down Meridia with a shot from a Plasma sniper across the road. Setting out to secure the battlefiled and connecting another antenna to the Onyx cause.
A vaugly familiar form darting from cover to cover on the right flank connecting an antenna with easy before sneaking up further but not quite manageing to secure another connection before having to duck for cover.
Several remotes from the Onyx army crossed the now secure street in an effort to take up positions to retaliate towards anything trying to get to the comms center.
Seeing the onyx force connecting antennas the Nomads hurried to intercept and made for the antennas closest to them but falling prey to the reactive fire of the onyx force before being able to secure any antennas. A zero climbing a building to get to an antenna catching fire from the dreaded Unidron sniper being evaporated by plasma before she could secure the device.
Jaina having agreed to once agian try out experimental gear in the form of explosives urged the Lunokhod remote up the board to detonate the forklift left further up the field.
Though the way was blocked by the somewhat familiar form of Bit and her pet droid Kiss the remote felled them both with little effort after shrugging of a Plasmasniper shot from the Unidron across the field. Though making it across most of the the field it didn't get all the way to the indended target before taking another snipershot and breaking apart from the force of the exotic weaponry.
Needing the Lunokhod up and running and trying to secure an antenna the the tomcat enginner snuck around the corner of the far left buidling with his zondcat hurrying towards the remains of the remote. With a jet of flames and the soar of the missile a Noctifier materialized from thermal optical camouflage and struck down the enginner who didn't manage to dodge the incoming projectile before getting cought in the blast.
The onyx force now decimated but far from destroyed pressed on and managed to connect yet another antenna with a worm like specialist often seen managing both mechanical and biological injuries in the contect force. A fraakta flanking the nomad force struck from the shadows and managing to kill designated target that had warned about the onyx incursion earlier. The fraakta managed to get the kill jsut before itself falling to crazykoalas and fire form Carlos, the Masai positioned nearby.
Amaya realizing this battle was nearing the end with the Onyx force almost getting what they wanted. She activated her Szalamander armour and powering up her Hyper rapid magnetic cannon. Striding out into the crossfire she took fire from the plasma sniper but obliterated the unidron in return. Striding confidently across the field she took aim at the infiltrating onyx analyst covering behind a buidling fart to the right. Amaya massacring the designated target while shrugging of a shot from the noctifier's missile launcher. She slowly turned about aiming her cannon at the worm like specilist securing the nearby antenna massacring it to in a blaze of super sonic projectiles shrugging of yet another missile with the think armour of her Szalamander TAG.
Having achieved what she set out to do she shifted her attention to the noisance of the nocticifier shredding it too in a storm of red hot metal slugs.
Both forces heavily decimated made tactical retreats without any onw of them mamaging to achieve their objectives this day.

Finally some brush work

Kategori: Infinity

After a long time of low motivation i managed to grab my brush and get a few strokes in.
I noticed yesterday that my new bone white color wasn’t a match to the last one and I like this one better so i figured as i had 17 bases done and about a 100 to go it was better to redo the old once and keep the new color going forward.

I managed to finish "Carlos". My friend always makes up random names for models in the game and he decided he was Carlos. Apparently Carlos is a duche. In regular Infinity speak that is my Moran Masai and his loyal koalas.


Furthermore i did bases on 4 models and 2 markers which were already painted just to finish them up.


These markers are ordered from and the color is customized to match my army.

The other models i managed to finish are the tripple zero Bran do Castro, a Spektr and a spacepants Clockmaker.




I also finished a bunny, yudbot, which i use for a zondbot as i dislike the regular bots and think these once looks much better.


Oh and thoses are all the new base color, a slighly brighter beige/tan on the raises areas on the mosaik.

Next up are the parts of my favourite 300 points list that is yet to recieve enough love to get slm paint. I am leaning towards McMurrough first then most likely the Warcor.

Till then, have a great time and roll lots of crits!

Feel free to Comments and critique my work as feedback is what makes me play and paint better!

Next Up - SFG ITS Gävle-Dala Sommaren 2008

Kategori: Infinity

I don't know if you got this already but i really love to theory craft about the game. Both clever applications for rules and lists.
Have a smaller tournament coming up in two weeks i am already planning my list for that event. Had it been a 300 point event I would have brougt the tweaked version of the list I brought to Battle for Örebro. I know there isn't supposed to be an all comers list in Infinity but i believe that list comes close.
Well seeing as this new event is a 200 point event which is limited to one combat group I need to rethink the lists and approach. Even though i just bought a third faction i will stick to Corregidor for this.
So before I go into the lists I will be bringing there are a few missions I need to look at. The missions are Power pack, Supplies and one of my favourites, Hunting party.
I won't cover Supplies here as i just did that a few posts ago in preparation of Battle for Örebro.
Lets start with the less tricky of the two missions left. Namely Power Pack. I guess less tricky is an subjective statement but to me it is. But that is most likely because i have played power pack alot more than Hunting Party.
First of all, don't focus to much on the acctual layout of the map as the saturation zone is 16" across and the deployments are 16" each which means the saturation touches the deployment zones in reality even though the picture tells a different story.
The mission have a special kind of deployment with 16" deep and 12" wide deployments on either side of the table edge.
For this mission it is really important that you cover your back field as Infiltrators can set up in between the two depolyment zones and AD troops can arrive on the back edge or in between by dropping in.
This also means you can deploy your HVT at the back edge if you like as there is a 12" strip in the middle that is more than 4" from your deployment zone.
Next up, missions objectives, Across the center line are three antennas that needs to be activated and in the space in between once deployment zones are a consol that needs to be protected from the opponent.
Getting more activated antennas is worth 4 points and if you alos prevent the opponent from connection your console you have 5 points which should net you a victory. If you need to be sure make sure to complete your classified objective too for 6 points.
The only way to tie in that circumstance is to control the console with their datatracker and have prevented you from connecting their console. That is if they too have completed their classified objective.
For this mission I will focus on infiltration specilists for activation antennas. The bonus to activating antennas in this mission goes to chain of command and as Nomads have none I won't go further into that.
Going second in this mission i by far the better option if you play anything like I do. It mean you can grab the antennas and remove any one controling your consol in the last turn, ensuring a victory.
In this mission I will be looking at Bandit Specialists and Moran Masais for mission completion and then a AD troopers to take full advantage of the open back field.
If I do go for the console in the enemy backfield I will look for smoke to get there or even better eclipse to block everyone. Señor massacre is a favourit of mina and he fits in here too. As does the smoke from the jaguars in his link.
This mission has a much more common deployment in the 12" deep boardwide one. No exlusion zones and no saturation zone.
But just wait there will be a few odd interaction in this one despite its first appearance.
The mission in this one is the tricky part. First lets make the term huntering down clear to everyone. A specialist and lieutenant is concidered hunted down if they are Isolated or Immobilized -1 or -2. Killing the targets doesn't count towards the hunting and even makes it so you cant score that model. Oh Stun does Immobilize-1 instead of stun in this mission.
Furthermore, all models with a pistol gets a stun pistol, all MULTI-weapons get a stun mode and all Veteran/Elite/Headquarter trooprs get and adhesive launcher, meaning that troopers that already have one get another one and thus gets +1B.
This mission also have the lieutenant as open information and doesn't use the loss of lieutenant rule. Furthermore if your lieutenant is in a Null state, isolated or immobilized you designate a new one as per the noremal rules for loosing your lieutenant.
So to score and win this one you need to hunt down more Lieutenants and Specialists. As well as connectiong antennas. Getting four points for more lieutenants makes that a really appealing option. Though it will likely be an hard task. Hunting down more specialists is just 2 points.
For this mission I will look to connect the two antennas and then hunt specialists and do classified unless the lieutenant is really exposed.
Looking through the Army app for Veterans/Elite/Headquarter troops i noticed that Wildcats are veterans and in a link they seem really good. They get an adhesive launcher and a link option. Also if i make my lieutenant a Wildcat he has a BTS of 6 which helps to protect against Isolation.
Intuders are also a great option as they have a profile that already have an ADHL which increases their burst. Our last viable option is Hellcats. With Superior Combat jump and a profile with and ADHL they seem sweet for this. Brigadas are also an veteran option but at 200 points they seem a little to expensive. There are really no MULTI options that stick out to me as really appealing. The Alguacil Sniper is interesting but alas not good enough.
Apart from these options there are also the bandits that have an ADHL already. Even though they don't get another one they are quite good for this mission and any other mission for that matter if you ask me.
Another option that is vital in this mission is an engineer as they can remove both Isolation and Immobilization. This is an even stronger option if you go second as you can strip the effects from your troops in the last turn and ensur you get the desired results.
A special mention has to go out to the Bandit killer hacker as it has and ADHL and can hunt down enemy hackers trying to isolate your troopers.
In short i will be looking at Bandits, Hellcats, Wildcats, Jaguars and the Señor and an Enginner. Seems the list is almost written. Next time i will go into detail on the list i will bring to the event.