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The Acctual Battle for Örebro2

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So this Saturday I went to Örebro to attend a tournament. We are only three people at my local meta and all of us went. I took the list I discussed in a previous blog post. I did bring another list but  I didn’t play it. The event is about two hours drive away but prettty easy to get to. I had a great time and below is a short summary of the games i had but first a short recap of the list.
Before the event I got to take a picture of all but one of the tables but that one I got to play on and acctually took some photos. Here are the tabels I didn’t play on. Before the summary of each game is a picture of the tables I did play for that game.


For the first pairing I was matched of with Christian who brought Swalarheim premade lists from the ITS pack. I deployed on the top right side in the picture.


My opponent won the WIP roll and elected to go first. I chose to have him deploy first at the side I though was less beneficial to me. Which in the picture is the bottum left side. The HVT positioning was hard on this mission. He placed his HVTs spread evenly across the board with one of them seeming as the obvious choice for designated target. I set up two to my left and one in the center. Leaving my right flank without a HVT.

In the game he took positions across the board and revealed my center HVT to be the right one in his first turn. At this point I was starting to get nervous.

I tried to counter as best I could and revealed the one HVT I though was obvious and I was right. My opponent telling me he was going for a double dare. I got played here as a bandit went for the HVT but was interrupted by a successful armor save from the HVT and a mine placed by a TO trooper.

He further cemented his position at the designated target with his Jotum on the second turn and activated his second console.

This is where the game turned around for me. My intruder HMG on top of a tall building to two bursts at the Jotum, getting three critical hits and dropping the massive TAG, opening up the left flank for my linked team of Alguacils who walked up and dropped a grenade from speculative fire on the designated target with my DataTracker. I then got to drop a grenade on his DataTracker who got critically hit to and died.

He dropped my designated target but eventually lost his second console to me. Adding up the points I got three pls two points from killing the designated target with my DataTracker. Then two more for having more consoles activated and finally one more for having my DataTracker alive at the end of the game. He got three for killing my designated target. Turning what I though was a loss into a major victory for Corregidor with a 8-3 result.




For my second game a got paired up with Arvid and his Vanilla Panoceania. My oppoenent won the WIP roll this game to. He chose to go first and I put him on the least beneficial side deploying first. He got the top side on the picture and i deployed closest to the camera.

He was using a lot of TO troopers and I spend a good portion of his deployment phase watch other players setting up. He had a good cover with a HMG and slot of specialists hidden near the supplies. I set up with an even spread across the field with an infiltration specialist at both the side supplies. The game was pretty even all the way to the end were he had two supplies and I have one when Señor massacre ran across the board to beat up an order sergeant and securing a supply netting me two.

At the end of the game I had two points for my supply boxes, Three for having more boxes and an additional two for completing both my classified objectives. My opponent had one for his supply box and one for a classified resulting in a 7-2 victory for the Corregidor with my second major victory.



For my third game I was up against the only other player who had 6 tournament points. Tuomas and his Ariadna. It was now time for one of my least favorite missions. This time I actually won the WIP roll for initiative and had a hard time deciding what to do. Eventually setting up second on the side of my choice. My opponent then electing to go first. I chose the top right side and he got the bottum left.

Before the game we both had a look at the opposition and the tie breakers for the tournament so we both knew what it would take to win the event.

Tuomas played aggressively all game and had me react to his play all game long. I believe this was mostly because he needed a win in this game to win the event, I needed a win or a 4-4 or better draw to win the event.

The game was pretty one sided in regards to casualties as I had about 100 points left and my opponent had more than 200 left. I finished my classified objective a couple of times as my Tomcat doctor patched up McMurrough quite a few times during the game. My opponent who also had the experimental drug classified spent around 6 orders trying to get his 112 across the board and on top of a tall building to heal a Zouaves who he accidently killed instead.

During his last turn my opponent went all in on my beacon which I had covered by the Señor Massacre Haris link and a Moran perched in a building. He ended his turn in possession of my beacon but still standing where he had picked it up. With Four orders in the order pool containing my now lone jaguar and the Moran, killing the Foxtrot wasn’t a problem and as he dropped it the game was set.

I finished up by killing a HMG trooper and forfeiting the rest of the orders.

Both of us had managed to prevent the opponent from getting our beacon for three points and I got another point from my classified, resulting in a narrow 4-3 victory for Corregidor and ensuring a first place in the whole event. Even though i hear that COrregidor isn't that good i like them alot. I am looking to improve on my list but so far i am reallt pleased with it. 


Battle for Örebro2 part 2

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So I am building a list for the three missions I will be playing on saturday at the tournament in Örebro. Unmasking, Supplies and Capture and Protect.

This post will be a continuation on me previous post about the three missions.

To were i left of in that other post i will add in the top ranking profiles according to my analysis. A Killer hacker Bandit, a Moran Forward observer, a Lunokhod Remote, a Tomcat Doctor, Señor Massacre and McMurrough. This adds up to about half the list so I have some space to flesh it out.


After the initial force I needed an escort for Señor so I added a regular Jaguar and one with a Panzerfaust and Adhesive launcher. One for smoke and one for added utility and armor busting capabilities. This forms a Haris team as I don’t regularly field the Core team option.


With 8 models filling up about two thirds of the list and only granting 6 regular and 2 irregular orders I needed a few more cheap orders that can work if need be. For that I went for the link of Alguacils, both to add some orders but also add in a few more specialists. I also put my lieutenant in here to keep him/her safe and mostly in the back field of the battle. Being part of a 5 man link helps to survive with the added Sixth sense L2. I then upgraded one to a Forward observer and one to a paramedic.

Now adding up to 233 points I had 67 more to spend. I needed a model that adds a bit of a punch from afar more than a single Panzerfaust. For this I always look to Intruders. Most of the time I go for the HMG as more shots give better odds to clear out what I need to clear out. The sniper is really good too but I mainly bring that one for missions that forces me to have Anti-material. I also always add a Warcor since I believe him to be the best 3 points in the game. Even if he dies to the first order he does his job and distract the opponent from the more important elements.


With 22 points left I started looking into my list and what it is mission. I have the specialists for the missions. I have a few models that can punch hard and I have some utility but could use some more. The order pool adds up to 12 regular, 3 Irregular and 1 Impetuous.

Though a killer hacker can be really good sometimes I also need to be able to hack some remotes or HIs trying to get to my Beacon or supplies and consoles. For this reason I upgraded the Bandit Killer hacker to an Assault hacker instead.
Next up I thought about what I mentioned that speculative fire can be really strong in hunting hidden designated targets I upgraded one Alguacil to bring a light grenade launcher. I also upgraded the Paramedic to a Hacker for added benefit to the consoles in unmasking in case I need it. My paramedic usually kills my own models anyway. With only 9 points left I went for a cheap order and some extra range on my hacking in the form of a Transductor Zond. 




Battle for Örebro2, Part 1

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April 7 is the date for the upcoming tournament i am attending. It is a three missions during one day event. I was thinking i would write up a short resume of what I went through to figure out my lists for the event. For this tournament i will most likely stick with Corregidor as Tunguska hasn't released yet.
First of all i will go through the missions, lets start with unmasking as that is a new and very interesting mission if you ask me.
Unmasking is a mission were you have three consoles along the centerline. One console in the middle and one to each side 12" from the center and 12" from the board edge. Hackers have a +3 to activate the consoloes. Apart from the consoles you each deploy three HVTs following the normal restrictions of haveing them put 4" beyond the deployment zone. Then you secretly designate one of them as your designated target.
The goal is to activate a console, reveal guess one of the opponents HVT and when the right target is revelade eliminate the designated target. Unmasking doesn't use classified objectives at all.
For this mission I try to bring infiltrating hackers in the form of Bandits and then some other element with decent move or infiltration like Moran Masai or the Stempler Zond. Another aspect i look at is the climbing plus of the tomcat specialists for manourverbility. They also make decent datatrackers. Other possible data trackers are models with Speculative fire or abilitys like super jump or climbing plus for getting to the designated targets.
As in Unmasking, Supllies have three objectives across the center of the board. Though this time they are tech-coffins containing supplies. Once you extract the supplies the coffins is removed. For this mission doctors and paramedics have the +3 to interact with the coffins. In this mission you have two classified objectives and there are no deployment restrictions. The goal of this mission is to get more supplies than the opponent and protect them as you complete classified objectives.
So for this mission doctors and paramedics are advantaged in interacting with the objectives but we are severly limited in infiltrating doctor/paramedic profiles, we have none of those. The closest we come are hellcat combat jumping paramedics, or airborne infiltrating Tomcats. Both would be good but for this mission i am not going overboard sowon't bring more than a tomcat doctor since he is already really good at mobility aswell as the mission. He is also really handy for classified and for healing other important troops.
Apart from that i try and bring a hacker. I would like to bring an engineer but i will just have to dodge that classified as he brings almost nothing to the rest of the missions or troops like the hackers and doctor. Though if i can i would bring a Lunokhod for two reasons, it brings D-charges for classified and it brings crazy koalas and heavy flamers for protecting the supplies once they are in our possession. It also brings alot of mobility for running avay with the supplies even though it can't be the once to extract them from the coffins.
For this mission there is only one scenary objective on the board. A beacon located in the center of the deployment edge for both players. For this mission there is one classified objective but you need to dicard anyone that requires a HVT as that rules isn't used. The goal in this mission it to run across the board and grab the opponents beacon and preferbly bring it back to your own deployment and hold it. If you can hold it with your Data Tracker then even better. You also gain points for protecting your own beacon. This doesn't necessary mean that the opponent can't take it, you just need to make sure they don't hold it at the end of the game. Pay attention to the mission here.
For this mission i would bring smoke and some kind of fast mover. Taking into concideration hackers protecting the opponent beacon i would prefer a model that can move fast and that isn't hackable. McMurough and a Señor Massacre link is my first go to for this, also Lupe Balboa in a Alguacil link can makes this work.
For protecting the my own beacon i like Lunokhods and Morans masais with their koalas and a hacker or two for hacking who ever tries to get to my beacon. Adhesive Launchers are also good at this as you can prevent opposing models from moving all together. As are mines for obvious reasons.
All in all there are a few profiles that stick out to me if i try and bring one list to manage them all. And i think i can do that. As i have some problems with Vanilla Aleph and other factions with alot of TO/ODD/Mimetism/Camo i will try and make an offlist that is ok in the mission part and brings more tools to help with the troublesome opponents.
So Bandit Hackers, Moran Masai, Tomcat Doctors, Lunokhods, McMurough and Señor Massacre will form the core of my list. Around that i need models that can hurt the opponent or stop them from completeing the missions. I never leave home without an Intruder and this won't be the first time i do so one of those are in. An alguacile Link is really good both as cheerleaders for my worker pieces and they can do work themselves if needed to. Especially if they bring a specialist of two.
This will be it for today. Next post will likely be a more in depth look at my two lists. Lets just hope not to many of my opponents reads this.