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There and back again

Kategori: Battle reports

Jaina took cover behind the container on the far right flank with her college Raydin from the Tunguskan interventor unit deploying near the center. Amaya deployed in cover from the tall central building in her Szalamander armor now battle ready after the last misshap versus the Haqqislam forces.
The analyst that recorded the anomaly in the communications was still positioned close to the antenna were she hade first picked up the signal from the approaching Onyx force. Jaina had brought a small but accomplished force to deal with the Onyx insertion upon recieving the distress signal from the Nomads analyst of the surface.
The nomads positioned defensivly, waiting for the onyx force to approach before springing the trap. The onyx force scurrying among the buildings connecting servera antennas to their spacecraft in orbit before Meridia got a chanse to hit back with full force. Employing her multispectral visor and the cover of smoke providied by the near Jaguar to decimate the onyx force. Felling several Unidraons and a Umbra Legate before retreating back into concealment with her camouflage technology.
The onyx cought of guard by the shear brutality of the Intruder assault quickly regrouped and managed to down Meridia with a shot from a Plasma sniper across the road. Setting out to secure the battlefiled and connecting another antenna to the Onyx cause.
A vaugly familiar form darting from cover to cover on the right flank connecting an antenna with easy before sneaking up further but not quite manageing to secure another connection before having to duck for cover.
Several remotes from the Onyx army crossed the now secure street in an effort to take up positions to retaliate towards anything trying to get to the comms center.
Seeing the onyx force connecting antennas the Nomads hurried to intercept and made for the antennas closest to them but falling prey to the reactive fire of the onyx force before being able to secure any antennas. A zero climbing a building to get to an antenna catching fire from the dreaded Unidron sniper being evaporated by plasma before she could secure the device.
Jaina having agreed to once agian try out experimental gear in the form of explosives urged the Lunokhod remote up the board to detonate the forklift left further up the field.
Though the way was blocked by the somewhat familiar form of Bit and her pet droid Kiss the remote felled them both with little effort after shrugging of a Plasmasniper shot from the Unidron across the field. Though making it across most of the the field it didn't get all the way to the indended target before taking another snipershot and breaking apart from the force of the exotic weaponry.
Needing the Lunokhod up and running and trying to secure an antenna the the tomcat enginner snuck around the corner of the far left buidling with his zondcat hurrying towards the remains of the remote. With a jet of flames and the soar of the missile a Noctifier materialized from thermal optical camouflage and struck down the enginner who didn't manage to dodge the incoming projectile before getting cought in the blast.
The onyx force now decimated but far from destroyed pressed on and managed to connect yet another antenna with a worm like specialist often seen managing both mechanical and biological injuries in the contect force. A fraakta flanking the nomad force struck from the shadows and managing to kill designated target that had warned about the onyx incursion earlier. The fraakta managed to get the kill jsut before itself falling to crazykoalas and fire form Carlos, the Masai positioned nearby.
Amaya realizing this battle was nearing the end with the Onyx force almost getting what they wanted. She activated her Szalamander armour and powering up her Hyper rapid magnetic cannon. Striding out into the crossfire she took fire from the plasma sniper but obliterated the unidron in return. Striding confidently across the field she took aim at the infiltrating onyx analyst covering behind a buidling fart to the right. Amaya massacring the designated target while shrugging of a shot from the noctifier's missile launcher. She slowly turned about aiming her cannon at the worm like specilist securing the nearby antenna massacring it to in a blaze of super sonic projectiles shrugging of yet another missile with the think armour of her Szalamander TAG.
Having achieved what she set out to do she shifted her attention to the noisance of the nocticifier shredding it too in a storm of red hot metal slugs.
Both forces heavily decimated made tactical retreats without any onw of them mamaging to achieve their objectives this day.

Finally some brush work

Kategori: Infinity

After a long time of low motivation i managed to grab my brush and get a few strokes in.
I noticed yesterday that my new bone white color wasn’t a match to the last one and I like this one better so i figured as i had 17 bases done and about a 100 to go it was better to redo the old once and keep the new color going forward.

I managed to finish "Carlos". My friend always makes up random names for models in the game and he decided he was Carlos. Apparently Carlos is a duche. In regular Infinity speak that is my Moran Masai and his loyal koalas.


Furthermore i did bases on 4 models and 2 markers which were already painted just to finish them up.


These markers are ordered from and the color is customized to match my army.

The other models i managed to finish are the tripple zero Bran do Castro, a Spektr and a spacepants Clockmaker.




I also finished a bunny, yudbot, which i use for a zondbot as i dislike the regular bots and think these once looks much better.


Oh and thoses are all the new base color, a slighly brighter beige/tan on the raises areas on the mosaik.

Next up are the parts of my favourite 300 points list that is yet to recieve enough love to get slm paint. I am leaning towards McMurrough first then most likely the Warcor.

Till then, have a great time and roll lots of crits!

Feel free to Comments and critique my work as feedback is what makes me play and paint better!

Next Up - SFG ITS Gävle-Dala Sommaren 2008

Kategori: Infinity

I don't know if you got this already but i really love to theory craft about the game. Both clever applications for rules and lists.
Have a smaller tournament coming up in two weeks i am already planning my list for that event. Had it been a 300 point event I would have brougt the tweaked version of the list I brought to Battle for Örebro. I know there isn't supposed to be an all comers list in Infinity but i believe that list comes close.
Well seeing as this new event is a 200 point event which is limited to one combat group I need to rethink the lists and approach. Even though i just bought a third faction i will stick to Corregidor for this.
So before I go into the lists I will be bringing there are a few missions I need to look at. The missions are Power pack, Supplies and one of my favourites, Hunting party.
I won't cover Supplies here as i just did that a few posts ago in preparation of Battle for Örebro.
Lets start with the less tricky of the two missions left. Namely Power Pack. I guess less tricky is an subjective statement but to me it is. But that is most likely because i have played power pack alot more than Hunting Party.
First of all, don't focus to much on the acctual layout of the map as the saturation zone is 16" across and the deployments are 16" each which means the saturation touches the deployment zones in reality even though the picture tells a different story.
The mission have a special kind of deployment with 16" deep and 12" wide deployments on either side of the table edge.
For this mission it is really important that you cover your back field as Infiltrators can set up in between the two depolyment zones and AD troops can arrive on the back edge or in between by dropping in.
This also means you can deploy your HVT at the back edge if you like as there is a 12" strip in the middle that is more than 4" from your deployment zone.
Next up, missions objectives, Across the center line are three antennas that needs to be activated and in the space in between once deployment zones are a consol that needs to be protected from the opponent.
Getting more activated antennas is worth 4 points and if you alos prevent the opponent from connection your console you have 5 points which should net you a victory. If you need to be sure make sure to complete your classified objective too for 6 points.
The only way to tie in that circumstance is to control the console with their datatracker and have prevented you from connecting their console. That is if they too have completed their classified objective.
For this mission I will focus on infiltration specilists for activation antennas. The bonus to activating antennas in this mission goes to chain of command and as Nomads have none I won't go further into that.
Going second in this mission i by far the better option if you play anything like I do. It mean you can grab the antennas and remove any one controling your consol in the last turn, ensuring a victory.
In this mission I will be looking at Bandit Specialists and Moran Masais for mission completion and then a AD troopers to take full advantage of the open back field.
If I do go for the console in the enemy backfield I will look for smoke to get there or even better eclipse to block everyone. Señor massacre is a favourit of mina and he fits in here too. As does the smoke from the jaguars in his link.
This mission has a much more common deployment in the 12" deep boardwide one. No exlusion zones and no saturation zone.
But just wait there will be a few odd interaction in this one despite its first appearance.
The mission in this one is the tricky part. First lets make the term huntering down clear to everyone. A specialist and lieutenant is concidered hunted down if they are Isolated or Immobilized -1 or -2. Killing the targets doesn't count towards the hunting and even makes it so you cant score that model. Oh Stun does Immobilize-1 instead of stun in this mission.
Furthermore, all models with a pistol gets a stun pistol, all MULTI-weapons get a stun mode and all Veteran/Elite/Headquarter trooprs get and adhesive launcher, meaning that troopers that already have one get another one and thus gets +1B.
This mission also have the lieutenant as open information and doesn't use the loss of lieutenant rule. Furthermore if your lieutenant is in a Null state, isolated or immobilized you designate a new one as per the noremal rules for loosing your lieutenant.
So to score and win this one you need to hunt down more Lieutenants and Specialists. As well as connectiong antennas. Getting four points for more lieutenants makes that a really appealing option. Though it will likely be an hard task. Hunting down more specialists is just 2 points.
For this mission I will look to connect the two antennas and then hunt specialists and do classified unless the lieutenant is really exposed.
Looking through the Army app for Veterans/Elite/Headquarter troops i noticed that Wildcats are veterans and in a link they seem really good. They get an adhesive launcher and a link option. Also if i make my lieutenant a Wildcat he has a BTS of 6 which helps to protect against Isolation.
Intuders are also a great option as they have a profile that already have an ADHL which increases their burst. Our last viable option is Hellcats. With Superior Combat jump and a profile with and ADHL they seem sweet for this. Brigadas are also an veteran option but at 200 points they seem a little to expensive. There are really no MULTI options that stick out to me as really appealing. The Alguacil Sniper is interesting but alas not good enough.
Apart from these options there are also the bandits that have an ADHL already. Even though they don't get another one they are quite good for this mission and any other mission for that matter if you ask me.
Another option that is vital in this mission is an engineer as they can remove both Isolation and Immobilization. This is an even stronger option if you go second as you can strip the effects from your troops in the last turn and ensur you get the desired results.
A special mention has to go out to the Bandit killer hacker as it has and ADHL and can hunt down enemy hackers trying to isolate your troopers.
In short i will be looking at Bandits, Hellcats, Wildcats, Jaguars and the Señor and an Enginner. Seems the list is almost written. Next time i will go into detail on the list i will bring to the event.

The Acctual Battle for Örebro2

Kategori: Battle reports

So this Saturday I went to Örebro to attend a tournament. We are only three people at my local meta and all of us went. I took the list I discussed in a previous blog post. I did bring another list but  I didn’t play it. The event is about two hours drive away but prettty easy to get to. I had a great time and below is a short summary of the games i had but first a short recap of the list.
Before the event I got to take a picture of all but one of the tables but that one I got to play on and acctually took some photos. Here are the tabels I didn’t play on. Before the summary of each game is a picture of the tables I did play for that game.


For the first pairing I was matched of with Christian who brought Swalarheim premade lists from the ITS pack. I deployed on the top right side in the picture.


My opponent won the WIP roll and elected to go first. I chose to have him deploy first at the side I though was less beneficial to me. Which in the picture is the bottum left side. The HVT positioning was hard on this mission. He placed his HVTs spread evenly across the board with one of them seeming as the obvious choice for designated target. I set up two to my left and one in the center. Leaving my right flank without a HVT.

In the game he took positions across the board and revealed my center HVT to be the right one in his first turn. At this point I was starting to get nervous.

I tried to counter as best I could and revealed the one HVT I though was obvious and I was right. My opponent telling me he was going for a double dare. I got played here as a bandit went for the HVT but was interrupted by a successful armor save from the HVT and a mine placed by a TO trooper.

He further cemented his position at the designated target with his Jotum on the second turn and activated his second console.

This is where the game turned around for me. My intruder HMG on top of a tall building to two bursts at the Jotum, getting three critical hits and dropping the massive TAG, opening up the left flank for my linked team of Alguacils who walked up and dropped a grenade from speculative fire on the designated target with my DataTracker. I then got to drop a grenade on his DataTracker who got critically hit to and died.

He dropped my designated target but eventually lost his second console to me. Adding up the points I got three pls two points from killing the designated target with my DataTracker. Then two more for having more consoles activated and finally one more for having my DataTracker alive at the end of the game. He got three for killing my designated target. Turning what I though was a loss into a major victory for Corregidor with a 8-3 result.




For my second game a got paired up with Arvid and his Vanilla Panoceania. My oppoenent won the WIP roll this game to. He chose to go first and I put him on the least beneficial side deploying first. He got the top side on the picture and i deployed closest to the camera.

He was using a lot of TO troopers and I spend a good portion of his deployment phase watch other players setting up. He had a good cover with a HMG and slot of specialists hidden near the supplies. I set up with an even spread across the field with an infiltration specialist at both the side supplies. The game was pretty even all the way to the end were he had two supplies and I have one when Señor massacre ran across the board to beat up an order sergeant and securing a supply netting me two.

At the end of the game I had two points for my supply boxes, Three for having more boxes and an additional two for completing both my classified objectives. My opponent had one for his supply box and one for a classified resulting in a 7-2 victory for the Corregidor with my second major victory.



For my third game I was up against the only other player who had 6 tournament points. Tuomas and his Ariadna. It was now time for one of my least favorite missions. This time I actually won the WIP roll for initiative and had a hard time deciding what to do. Eventually setting up second on the side of my choice. My opponent then electing to go first. I chose the top right side and he got the bottum left.

Before the game we both had a look at the opposition and the tie breakers for the tournament so we both knew what it would take to win the event.

Tuomas played aggressively all game and had me react to his play all game long. I believe this was mostly because he needed a win in this game to win the event, I needed a win or a 4-4 or better draw to win the event.

The game was pretty one sided in regards to casualties as I had about 100 points left and my opponent had more than 200 left. I finished my classified objective a couple of times as my Tomcat doctor patched up McMurrough quite a few times during the game. My opponent who also had the experimental drug classified spent around 6 orders trying to get his 112 across the board and on top of a tall building to heal a Zouaves who he accidently killed instead.

During his last turn my opponent went all in on my beacon which I had covered by the Señor Massacre Haris link and a Moran perched in a building. He ended his turn in possession of my beacon but still standing where he had picked it up. With Four orders in the order pool containing my now lone jaguar and the Moran, killing the Foxtrot wasn’t a problem and as he dropped it the game was set.

I finished up by killing a HMG trooper and forfeiting the rest of the orders.

Both of us had managed to prevent the opponent from getting our beacon for three points and I got another point from my classified, resulting in a narrow 4-3 victory for Corregidor and ensuring a first place in the whole event. Even though i hear that COrregidor isn't that good i like them alot. I am looking to improve on my list but so far i am reallt pleased with it. 


Battle for Örebro2 part 2

Kategori: Infinity


So I am building a list for the three missions I will be playing on saturday at the tournament in Örebro. Unmasking, Supplies and Capture and Protect.

This post will be a continuation on me previous post about the three missions.

To were i left of in that other post i will add in the top ranking profiles according to my analysis. A Killer hacker Bandit, a Moran Forward observer, a Lunokhod Remote, a Tomcat Doctor, Señor Massacre and McMurrough. This adds up to about half the list so I have some space to flesh it out.


After the initial force I needed an escort for Señor so I added a regular Jaguar and one with a Panzerfaust and Adhesive launcher. One for smoke and one for added utility and armor busting capabilities. This forms a Haris team as I don’t regularly field the Core team option.


With 8 models filling up about two thirds of the list and only granting 6 regular and 2 irregular orders I needed a few more cheap orders that can work if need be. For that I went for the link of Alguacils, both to add some orders but also add in a few more specialists. I also put my lieutenant in here to keep him/her safe and mostly in the back field of the battle. Being part of a 5 man link helps to survive with the added Sixth sense L2. I then upgraded one to a Forward observer and one to a paramedic.

Now adding up to 233 points I had 67 more to spend. I needed a model that adds a bit of a punch from afar more than a single Panzerfaust. For this I always look to Intruders. Most of the time I go for the HMG as more shots give better odds to clear out what I need to clear out. The sniper is really good too but I mainly bring that one for missions that forces me to have Anti-material. I also always add a Warcor since I believe him to be the best 3 points in the game. Even if he dies to the first order he does his job and distract the opponent from the more important elements.


With 22 points left I started looking into my list and what it is mission. I have the specialists for the missions. I have a few models that can punch hard and I have some utility but could use some more. The order pool adds up to 12 regular, 3 Irregular and 1 Impetuous.

Though a killer hacker can be really good sometimes I also need to be able to hack some remotes or HIs trying to get to my Beacon or supplies and consoles. For this reason I upgraded the Bandit Killer hacker to an Assault hacker instead.
Next up I thought about what I mentioned that speculative fire can be really strong in hunting hidden designated targets I upgraded one Alguacil to bring a light grenade launcher. I also upgraded the Paramedic to a Hacker for added benefit to the consoles in unmasking in case I need it. My paramedic usually kills my own models anyway. With only 9 points left I went for a cheap order and some extra range on my hacking in the form of a Transductor Zond. 




Amayas testrun

Kategori: Battle reports

The small force of Nomads had gathered at the outskirts of the settlement were the intelligence service had spotted a Haqqislam insurgence. Valuable military supplies were being stored at this site and it couldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of the Haqqislam forces.

Jaina the Tunguskan interventor saw this as a perfect opportunity to let Amaya test out her new and improved Szalamandra armor without much risk to it. She gathered a small group of Corregidor Alguacils and Bakunin moderators along with a collection of remote and headed for the supply storage.


The Szalamandra immediately spotted the heavy armored Azra’il perched on top of a building. A profound hum of the powerful electro magnet sounded as the weapon let out a hail of hyper rapid metal slugs. A malfunction in the power level of the gun made the shoots fall short and the Azra’il heavy machinegun bullets impacted the Tactical Armored Gear of with such force it broke an armor plate as it returned fire. Amaya increased the power to the gun and let loose another salvo, easily shredding the armor of the elite Haqqislam trooper.

Jaina coordinated a group of forward observers and flash pulse remoted forward to close with the objective. The group stopping in the middle of their tracks as a remote spotted a suspicious Nomads operative not registered to be present in this engagement, after assessment she seems to check out and was left to her own business.

Macy, an Alguacil forward observer snuck around further up and spotted a Naffatûn which she marked with her marker light. She gathered the nearby supplies and hurried away as a roar was heard in the distance when the Vertigo smart missile system let fly at the marked target. The Naffatûn sensing the danger she was in managed to dodge the impact of the guided missile, as did the Barid Hacker who was lingering nearby.


The scanners showed a group of soldiers moving up the Nomads left flank towards the supply storage situated there, the nearby Transductor Zond spotting the insurgence and managing to blind the lead soldier with a flash of light stopping him from picking up the supplies. Climbing buildings and jumping crates a nasmat remote hurried to get to the unconscious Azra’il prone on the building. The Nasmat was able to avoid shots from both an Alguacil and Jaina herself. The Ghulam doctor controlling the remote easily identified the wounds and administered the right medication to patch the soldier back together. At least she had gotten the oppertunity to try out the newest Medical drugs from the laboratorys.

The heavy machinegun echoing over the settlement as it let loose on the Szalamandra. The armor piercing rounds harmlessly bouncing of the heavy TAG armor as a magnetically propelled projectile impacted the heavy Azra’il armor knocking him unconscious again. The doctor who was witnessing this spectacle from her nasmats sensors urged her remote to once again patch up the fallen soldier. The Azra’il let out a final volley before needing to reload his gun, impacting the Szalamandra armor and shredding the fiber bundle muscles of the giant figure’s chest area. In the center of the encampment near the supplies a shadowy figure advanced and took cover on an overhead walkway.

Jaina senseing her elevated position was exposed to the heavy machinegun of the Azra’il felt uncomfortable on top her containers. The high vantage point now didn't seem as good as it previously had.
Macy positioned the supplies on the ground next to her for a moment and advanced up to so she could see the Naffatûn who now blocked the view to the doctor. She marked the target once again and this time the guided missile struck home and obliterated the soldier narrowly missing the doctor hiding behind. Macy peaked out again and marked the Ghulam Doctor with her marker light and a new salvo of guided missiles struck from above knocking the doctor unconscious.

Amaya was getting annoyed with the persistency of the Haqqislam heavy infantry. She readied her Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon, turn up the power level and blasted the Azra’il to smithereens in a cascade of red hot metal projectiles.


Cervantes, another Alguacil forward observer snuck up to the left supplies and extracted it from the storage. He coordinated a move with Macy over the comms who picked her supplies back up and made for safety out of reach from the Haqqislam forces.

Jaina now feeling safe from the Azra’il as it lay shattered on the rooftop, she climbed down and hid behind the container next to the Vertigo Zond. She took a look at the scanners to find that the Ghulams were advancing on the center supply. She exchanged a gaze with Amaya in her tactical armored gear just before the construct erupted in a blaze of fire as it exploded from rifle fire from the nearby Ghulams. A burst of rifle shots all bursting through the exposed Power Cables of the previously damaged chest of the TAG armor.

The Haqqislam soldiers extracted the supplies and evacuated towards their back lines. One of them taking a hit from a green skinned Moderator of Bakunin, staggered away with the supplies and dropping them as he fell unconscious a distance away from safety.

From the shadows an Al’hawwa hacker emerges and immobilized a Transductor Zond as his head was blown open by a sucker punch from Jaina who felt his presence through the zond’s repeater. A hunzakut advances around towards the supplies and the Haqqislam stop to assess the situation before moving on.

Jaina advanced up within range to data scan a Haqqislam Ghulam hiding behind the center container where they recently extracted the supplies. Gathering vital military intel from her uplink to command. The Interventor moved further and tried to get to the back lines of Haqqislam in an effort to stop them grabbing the supplies. In her hurry she missed the hiding hunzakut and is dropped by a shotgun shell as she peaks the corner stopping the Nomads advance and dropping their command.

Making the best use of the situation the Haqqislam Lieutenant hurries to get the supplies and yells to the Barid Hacker to data scan the downed interventor for information before withdrawing.

The Haqqislam forces not gettign all that they wanted retreated with some of the supplies while tending to their wounded. Jaina waking from her unconsious state looked over att the shredded Szalamandra were a Group of engineers and doctors were extracting Amaya from her armor and tending her wounds.
It had been a hard earned victory for the Nomads but a victory none the less.

A more aggressive approach

Kategori: Infinity

Today was the first time in a while that i got to play against the Muffinman and his Panoceania. Muffinamn hade decided that we should play Unmasking as it is a hard mission to play and it is one of the missions in "Battle for Örebro2 next weekend". Haveing though about my list since the last game of the cowards I concluded that i need to try and play it a bit more aggressivly. So for this game I would try to see how that would turn out. 
He set up a fairly flat shanty town with a huge spaceship in the center. We rolled of for initiative and the monads won, and elected to go first. Panoceania chose the table edge closes to the back of the spaceship and forced the Corregidor to to first.
First of all the Corregidor deployed their HVTs evenly across the board with one on each flank and one in the center. The left one being the designated target .
An Alguacil fireteam the set up on the left flank with a Lunokhod in support towads the center and a Bandit in camouflage a bit further up. An intruder with HMG also deployed in cover and camouflage to cover the designated target with his heavy machinegun.
Towards the right flank a warcor covered the battle from up high and Señor Massacre and his Jaguar posse deployed just below. A moran deployed towards the center console. Lastly a Tomcat doctor and his zondcat set up on either flank. For reseve the Corregidor deployed McMurrough centraly to be able to drop smoke to cut of the approach to the consoles for the Corregidor specialists.
The Panoceanian forces set up evenly with a Fuzziler in the buidlings on the far left and right flanks. A doctor joined the left one and an enginner set up on the right hand side of the center together with a Fugazi dronebot. An Auxilia with his Auxbot deployed to the left of the center line and a bit further up the field on either flank were two troopers deployed in thermo optical camouflage. Brother Konstantinos deployed in reserv towards the right of the center in a foward position. Most of the Panoceanians were prone or in buildings. This made for quite a cheap list and only 9 orders... about 130 points were mission from the deployment and i kind of assumed a Cutter was hiding somewere.
Corregidor appointed the Alguacil with light grenade launcher as their datatracker and Panoceania appointed their enginner.
McMurrough jumped forward and dropped smoke in the center and the left console. followed by him jumping ontop of a building nearby and going prone.
The Bandit moved forward to the left console, activated it and revealed the right HVT to be a decoy. He then moved across the table and activated the center console to reveal the left HVT to be the designated target.
The intruder revealed and set un supressive fire over the Nomad designated target and the Lunokhod move up on top of a house and placed it's koalas on standby. The Bandit in the center reentered camouflage and ended the Corregidor turn.
Out of nowere came a TAG out of its thermo optical camouflage and fired at the Lunokhod, the remote tried to dodge but alas it couldn't avoid the hail of bullets from the Tactical Armoured Gear. The Cutter then advanced left and proceeded to gun down the Intruder as it fired back from suppressive fire but missjudging the range by half an inch thus missing its target.
On the other flank a camouflaged soldier advanced on the console and activated it reavealing it ro be a Croc forward observer. The warcor covering the battle managed to hit and blind the Croc with his flashlight. To finish up the Cutter advanced back and a bunch of models entered suppressive fire on the Panoceanian side of the table thus ending their turn.
Having lost two of his friends McMurrough jumped out towards the Cutter, taking two shots to the chest as he did, not managing to get his smoke grenade of to cover him. The dog-warrior falling unconsious to the ground next to the left console.
The Alguacil fireteam advanced just out of line of sight from the terrifyng TAG facing them down on the other side of the board. A few moves and a causious move had them all move up far enough to fire a few rounds of specualtive fire onto the designated target who managed to save the impact on it's armour.
On the right flank Señor Massacre and the jaguar advanced on the Croc and threw out a trail of eclipse smoke to advance through as to avoid fire from Konstantinos. A jaguar and the Señor managing to land hits on the Croc who in return managed to save the armour piercing sword from Señor but the E/M managed to isolate him.
In the Center the Bandit made a run for it and had the Cutter on it's toes delaying his reaction as the camouflaged trooper advanced on it. The Bandit revealed just underneath the TAG and tried to isolate it as is reset the attack. Though he managed to pull it of the bio-technolocical shielding of the TAG managed to shrug of the attack. The Bandit tried again and this thime the TAG let loose from its heavy machinegun i suppressive fire rolling a 8 and a 4 needing 9 to hit on three dice, the bandit needing 9 on one dice did manage to critically hit and firmly isolated the TAG, ending the Corregidor turn with two consoles still in their possession.
The Cutter activated first in it's isolated state and fired on the Bandit who tried to Immobilize it with a carbonite which managed to hit but again the bio-technological shielding on the TAG saved it. Next the Croc beside the Bandit activated and shot at the bandit who tried to dodge but couldn't avoid the bullets which impacted his armour, harlessly bouncing of to the Bandits surprise. The bandit then turned to face the Croc as it failed its guts roll and retreated behind cover. The croc tried again and was meet with a shotgun blast but both combatants growing weary missed their intended targets.
Following the failure of the Croc-man the Auxilia and the Auxbot moved across towards the bandit and shot at the downed dog-warrior as they went but not managing to bypass the amour of the mercenary. Though the Auxbot had better success in barbecuing the bandit even though he didn't burn dead completly.
The Croc-Man on the right swong at Señor massacre but was critically hit in return and killed in spectacular fashing but the Aristeian performer. Konstantinos then opened fire on the Mercenary and his posse felling a jaguar but failing in his attempts at killing Señor Massacre himself for now as he dropped eclipse some to cover himself. A few troopers in the Panoceanian army entered suppressive fire again and they ended their turn.
The turn started of with the Alguacil fireteam fireing grenades at the designated target blowing it up and securing a firm hold on the mission. On the other side of the tabel Señor massacre and the Panzerfaust jaguar advanced towards the Panoceanian lines. The mercenary took fire from Konstantinos as he tried to block of the lane with eclipse smoke but falling to the gunfire.
Seeing as we couldn't kill the Enginner in the Panoceanian lines the Jaguar made a run towards the right most decoy, taking shots from Konstantinos as he did loosing a wound but managing to stay standing by sheer force of will. Darting to the side he fired his panzerfaust at the decoy landing a critical hit on the target blowing it up in a red mist as he too recieved more hits from the supressive fire of Konstantinos and dying. Lastly the Tomcat Doctor advanced towards the designated target and entered suppressive fire in a last effort to stop the Panoceanian force to assassinate her. The Corregidor forces were now in firm control of the situation at a 10-1 lead versus the Panoceanians.
Looking over the situation the Panoceanian force were looking to grim as they realized that they were loosing this battle. Konstantinos feeling confident that he could salvage the some of the situation set out towards the center console to turn it over to Panoceania. In doing so he neglected to notice the Warcor on the nearby building who blinded the Knight despite him trying to gun the warcor down.
The Lieutenant Fuzziler in the right house then activated and went to maybe shoot the warcor but not managing to get close enough.
Not being able to rely on his fellow soldiers the Cutter went out on its own and gunned down the Tomcat in a hail of bullets. Seeing the center console as the only opening in the lines the engineern made a run for it moving and causaly advancing to avoid the warcors watchfull gaze, eventually getting to the console and switching it to the Panoceanian force. He then went into the ship and urged his Palbot on to remove the isolation from the Cutter as a consolation prize.
The game ended in a 7-3 victory for Corregidor after they killed the correct designated target (3) with our Datatracker (2) and keeps both the her (1) and the designated target (1) alive. Panoceania managed to get more concoles (2) and keeping their Datatracker (1) alive.
The light grenade launcher in the Algucil fireteam was an addition to this list after the previous time i played Unmasking as a means to kill the designated targets with not to much of a problem. For this game it went really well and i look forward to tweak the list som going forward.
The more aggressive approach seems to be working, i will tweak my list some for the next game and try to stick with the more aggressive appraoch as it served me good today.