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Finally some brush work

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After a long time of low motivation i managed to grab my brush and get a few strokes in.
I noticed yesterday that my new bone white color wasn’t a match to the last one and I like this one better so i figured as i had 17 bases done and about a 100 to go it was better to redo the old once and keep the new color going forward.

I managed to finish "Carlos". My friend always makes up random names for models in the game and he decided he was Carlos. Apparently Carlos is a duche. In regular Infinity speak that is my Moran Masai and his loyal koalas.


Furthermore i did bases on 4 models and 2 markers which were already painted just to finish them up.


These markers are ordered from and the color is customized to match my army.

The other models i managed to finish are the tripple zero Bran do Castro, a Spektr and a spacepants Clockmaker.




I also finished a bunny, yudbot, which i use for a zondbot as i dislike the regular bots and think these once looks much better.


Oh and thoses are all the new base color, a slighly brighter beige/tan on the raises areas on the mosaik.

Next up are the parts of my favourite 300 points list that is yet to recieve enough love to get slm paint. I am leaning towards McMurrough first then most likely the Warcor.

Till then, have a great time and roll lots of crits!

Feel free to Comments and critique my work as feedback is what makes me play and paint better!


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