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A more aggressive approach

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Today was the first time in a while that i got to play against the Muffinman and his Panoceania. Muffinamn hade decided that we should play Unmasking as it is a hard mission to play and it is one of the missions in "Battle for Örebro2 next weekend". Haveing though about my list since the last game of the cowards I concluded that i need to try and play it a bit more aggressivly. So for this game I would try to see how that would turn out. 
He set up a fairly flat shanty town with a huge spaceship in the center. We rolled of for initiative and the monads won, and elected to go first. Panoceania chose the table edge closes to the back of the spaceship and forced the Corregidor to to first.
First of all the Corregidor deployed their HVTs evenly across the board with one on each flank and one in the center. The left one being the designated target .
An Alguacil fireteam the set up on the left flank with a Lunokhod in support towads the center and a Bandit in camouflage a bit further up. An intruder with HMG also deployed in cover and camouflage to cover the designated target with his heavy machinegun.
Towards the right flank a warcor covered the battle from up high and Señor Massacre and his Jaguar posse deployed just below. A moran deployed towards the center console. Lastly a Tomcat doctor and his zondcat set up on either flank. For reseve the Corregidor deployed McMurrough centraly to be able to drop smoke to cut of the approach to the consoles for the Corregidor specialists.
The Panoceanian forces set up evenly with a Fuzziler in the buidlings on the far left and right flanks. A doctor joined the left one and an enginner set up on the right hand side of the center together with a Fugazi dronebot. An Auxilia with his Auxbot deployed to the left of the center line and a bit further up the field on either flank were two troopers deployed in thermo optical camouflage. Brother Konstantinos deployed in reserv towards the right of the center in a foward position. Most of the Panoceanians were prone or in buildings. This made for quite a cheap list and only 9 orders... about 130 points were mission from the deployment and i kind of assumed a Cutter was hiding somewere.
Corregidor appointed the Alguacil with light grenade launcher as their datatracker and Panoceania appointed their enginner.
McMurrough jumped forward and dropped smoke in the center and the left console. followed by him jumping ontop of a building nearby and going prone.
The Bandit moved forward to the left console, activated it and revealed the right HVT to be a decoy. He then moved across the table and activated the center console to reveal the left HVT to be the designated target.
The intruder revealed and set un supressive fire over the Nomad designated target and the Lunokhod move up on top of a house and placed it's koalas on standby. The Bandit in the center reentered camouflage and ended the Corregidor turn.
Out of nowere came a TAG out of its thermo optical camouflage and fired at the Lunokhod, the remote tried to dodge but alas it couldn't avoid the hail of bullets from the Tactical Armoured Gear. The Cutter then advanced left and proceeded to gun down the Intruder as it fired back from suppressive fire but missjudging the range by half an inch thus missing its target.
On the other flank a camouflaged soldier advanced on the console and activated it reavealing it ro be a Croc forward observer. The warcor covering the battle managed to hit and blind the Croc with his flashlight. To finish up the Cutter advanced back and a bunch of models entered suppressive fire on the Panoceanian side of the table thus ending their turn.
Having lost two of his friends McMurrough jumped out towards the Cutter, taking two shots to the chest as he did, not managing to get his smoke grenade of to cover him. The dog-warrior falling unconsious to the ground next to the left console.
The Alguacil fireteam advanced just out of line of sight from the terrifyng TAG facing them down on the other side of the board. A few moves and a causious move had them all move up far enough to fire a few rounds of specualtive fire onto the designated target who managed to save the impact on it's armour.
On the right flank Señor Massacre and the jaguar advanced on the Croc and threw out a trail of eclipse smoke to advance through as to avoid fire from Konstantinos. A jaguar and the Señor managing to land hits on the Croc who in return managed to save the armour piercing sword from Señor but the E/M managed to isolate him.
In the Center the Bandit made a run for it and had the Cutter on it's toes delaying his reaction as the camouflaged trooper advanced on it. The Bandit revealed just underneath the TAG and tried to isolate it as is reset the attack. Though he managed to pull it of the bio-technolocical shielding of the TAG managed to shrug of the attack. The Bandit tried again and this thime the TAG let loose from its heavy machinegun i suppressive fire rolling a 8 and a 4 needing 9 to hit on three dice, the bandit needing 9 on one dice did manage to critically hit and firmly isolated the TAG, ending the Corregidor turn with two consoles still in their possession.
The Cutter activated first in it's isolated state and fired on the Bandit who tried to Immobilize it with a carbonite which managed to hit but again the bio-technological shielding on the TAG saved it. Next the Croc beside the Bandit activated and shot at the bandit who tried to dodge but couldn't avoid the bullets which impacted his armour, harlessly bouncing of to the Bandits surprise. The bandit then turned to face the Croc as it failed its guts roll and retreated behind cover. The croc tried again and was meet with a shotgun blast but both combatants growing weary missed their intended targets.
Following the failure of the Croc-man the Auxilia and the Auxbot moved across towards the bandit and shot at the downed dog-warrior as they went but not managing to bypass the amour of the mercenary. Though the Auxbot had better success in barbecuing the bandit even though he didn't burn dead completly.
The Croc-Man on the right swong at Señor massacre but was critically hit in return and killed in spectacular fashing but the Aristeian performer. Konstantinos then opened fire on the Mercenary and his posse felling a jaguar but failing in his attempts at killing Señor Massacre himself for now as he dropped eclipse some to cover himself. A few troopers in the Panoceanian army entered suppressive fire again and they ended their turn.
The turn started of with the Alguacil fireteam fireing grenades at the designated target blowing it up and securing a firm hold on the mission. On the other side of the tabel Señor massacre and the Panzerfaust jaguar advanced towards the Panoceanian lines. The mercenary took fire from Konstantinos as he tried to block of the lane with eclipse smoke but falling to the gunfire.
Seeing as we couldn't kill the Enginner in the Panoceanian lines the Jaguar made a run towards the right most decoy, taking shots from Konstantinos as he did loosing a wound but managing to stay standing by sheer force of will. Darting to the side he fired his panzerfaust at the decoy landing a critical hit on the target blowing it up in a red mist as he too recieved more hits from the supressive fire of Konstantinos and dying. Lastly the Tomcat Doctor advanced towards the designated target and entered suppressive fire in a last effort to stop the Panoceanian force to assassinate her. The Corregidor forces were now in firm control of the situation at a 10-1 lead versus the Panoceanians.
Looking over the situation the Panoceanian force were looking to grim as they realized that they were loosing this battle. Konstantinos feeling confident that he could salvage the some of the situation set out towards the center console to turn it over to Panoceania. In doing so he neglected to notice the Warcor on the nearby building who blinded the Knight despite him trying to gun the warcor down.
The Lieutenant Fuzziler in the right house then activated and went to maybe shoot the warcor but not managing to get close enough.
Not being able to rely on his fellow soldiers the Cutter went out on its own and gunned down the Tomcat in a hail of bullets. Seeing the center console as the only opening in the lines the engineern made a run for it moving and causaly advancing to avoid the warcors watchfull gaze, eventually getting to the console and switching it to the Panoceanian force. He then went into the ship and urged his Palbot on to remove the isolation from the Cutter as a consolation prize.
The game ended in a 7-3 victory for Corregidor after they killed the correct designated target (3) with our Datatracker (2) and keeps both the her (1) and the designated target (1) alive. Panoceania managed to get more concoles (2) and keeping their Datatracker (1) alive.
The light grenade launcher in the Algucil fireteam was an addition to this list after the previous time i played Unmasking as a means to kill the designated targets with not to much of a problem. For this game it went really well and i look forward to tweak the list som going forward.
The more aggressive approach seems to be working, i will tweak my list some for the next game and try to stick with the more aggressive appraoch as it served me good today.


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