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Amayas testrun

Kategori: Battle reports

The small force of Nomads had gathered at the outskirts of the settlement were the intelligence service had spotted a Haqqislam insurgence. Valuable military supplies were being stored at this site and it couldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of the Haqqislam forces.

Jaina the Tunguskan interventor saw this as a perfect opportunity to let Amaya test out her new and improved Szalamandra armor without much risk to it. She gathered a small group of Corregidor Alguacils and Bakunin moderators along with a collection of remote and headed for the supply storage.


The Szalamandra immediately spotted the heavy armored Azra’il perched on top of a building. A profound hum of the powerful electro magnet sounded as the weapon let out a hail of hyper rapid metal slugs. A malfunction in the power level of the gun made the shoots fall short and the Azra’il heavy machinegun bullets impacted the Tactical Armored Gear of with such force it broke an armor plate as it returned fire. Amaya increased the power to the gun and let loose another salvo, easily shredding the armor of the elite Haqqislam trooper.

Jaina coordinated a group of forward observers and flash pulse remoted forward to close with the objective. The group stopping in the middle of their tracks as a remote spotted a suspicious Nomads operative not registered to be present in this engagement, after assessment she seems to check out and was left to her own business.

Macy, an Alguacil forward observer snuck around further up and spotted a Naffatûn which she marked with her marker light. She gathered the nearby supplies and hurried away as a roar was heard in the distance when the Vertigo smart missile system let fly at the marked target. The Naffatûn sensing the danger she was in managed to dodge the impact of the guided missile, as did the Barid Hacker who was lingering nearby.


The scanners showed a group of soldiers moving up the Nomads left flank towards the supply storage situated there, the nearby Transductor Zond spotting the insurgence and managing to blind the lead soldier with a flash of light stopping him from picking up the supplies. Climbing buildings and jumping crates a nasmat remote hurried to get to the unconscious Azra’il prone on the building. The Nasmat was able to avoid shots from both an Alguacil and Jaina herself. The Ghulam doctor controlling the remote easily identified the wounds and administered the right medication to patch the soldier back together. At least she had gotten the oppertunity to try out the newest Medical drugs from the laboratorys.

The heavy machinegun echoing over the settlement as it let loose on the Szalamandra. The armor piercing rounds harmlessly bouncing of the heavy TAG armor as a magnetically propelled projectile impacted the heavy Azra’il armor knocking him unconscious again. The doctor who was witnessing this spectacle from her nasmats sensors urged her remote to once again patch up the fallen soldier. The Azra’il let out a final volley before needing to reload his gun, impacting the Szalamandra armor and shredding the fiber bundle muscles of the giant figure’s chest area. In the center of the encampment near the supplies a shadowy figure advanced and took cover on an overhead walkway.

Jaina senseing her elevated position was exposed to the heavy machinegun of the Azra’il felt uncomfortable on top her containers. The high vantage point now didn't seem as good as it previously had.
Macy positioned the supplies on the ground next to her for a moment and advanced up to so she could see the Naffatûn who now blocked the view to the doctor. She marked the target once again and this time the guided missile struck home and obliterated the soldier narrowly missing the doctor hiding behind. Macy peaked out again and marked the Ghulam Doctor with her marker light and a new salvo of guided missiles struck from above knocking the doctor unconscious.

Amaya was getting annoyed with the persistency of the Haqqislam heavy infantry. She readied her Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon, turn up the power level and blasted the Azra’il to smithereens in a cascade of red hot metal projectiles.


Cervantes, another Alguacil forward observer snuck up to the left supplies and extracted it from the storage. He coordinated a move with Macy over the comms who picked her supplies back up and made for safety out of reach from the Haqqislam forces.

Jaina now feeling safe from the Azra’il as it lay shattered on the rooftop, she climbed down and hid behind the container next to the Vertigo Zond. She took a look at the scanners to find that the Ghulams were advancing on the center supply. She exchanged a gaze with Amaya in her tactical armored gear just before the construct erupted in a blaze of fire as it exploded from rifle fire from the nearby Ghulams. A burst of rifle shots all bursting through the exposed Power Cables of the previously damaged chest of the TAG armor.

The Haqqislam soldiers extracted the supplies and evacuated towards their back lines. One of them taking a hit from a green skinned Moderator of Bakunin, staggered away with the supplies and dropping them as he fell unconscious a distance away from safety.

From the shadows an Al’hawwa hacker emerges and immobilized a Transductor Zond as his head was blown open by a sucker punch from Jaina who felt his presence through the zond’s repeater. A hunzakut advances around towards the supplies and the Haqqislam stop to assess the situation before moving on.

Jaina advanced up within range to data scan a Haqqislam Ghulam hiding behind the center container where they recently extracted the supplies. Gathering vital military intel from her uplink to command. The Interventor moved further and tried to get to the back lines of Haqqislam in an effort to stop them grabbing the supplies. In her hurry she missed the hiding hunzakut and is dropped by a shotgun shell as she peaks the corner stopping the Nomads advance and dropping their command.

Making the best use of the situation the Haqqislam Lieutenant hurries to get the supplies and yells to the Barid Hacker to data scan the downed interventor for information before withdrawing.

The Haqqislam forces not gettign all that they wanted retreated with some of the supplies while tending to their wounded. Jaina waking from her unconsious state looked over att the shredded Szalamandra were a Group of engineers and doctors were extracting Amaya from her armor and tending her wounds.
It had been a hard earned victory for the Nomads but a victory none the less.


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