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Tying the knot

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Having retreated from her crushing defeat at the Aleph base Jaina were being flown back to Johnny-5 on the landing craft. The craft were just breaking through the clouds when they saw firefights on the Johnny-5 base. Jaina, barely conscious stood up and addressed her soldiers.

“So it seems that our duty is not done just yet. An invading force have assaulted the Netzknot.”

Just as she silenced the comms relay of the craft erupted in static and a voice echoed through the hold.

“We are under attack! I repeat we are under attack. Aleph forces are assaulting the Netzknot trying to access Arachne.” It went back to static and then silent again.

“I know most of you are injured and not ready to fight just yet. You will stay here and guard the ship while the rest of us try and kick those blasted Aleph out of here.” Jainas voice raised as she almost screamed the last part.

The landing craft hovered over the battle field for a few seconds as the strike force jumped out, and then flew of a bit and landed nearby.

Jaina took cover on a building far back so as to best survey the battlefield without getting into to much trouble. Her wounds sure as hell hadn’t healed yet. Without a word a large portion of her force advanced and took up forward positions as the rest prepared to move out. Jaina watched her forces on the heads-up display in her visor and smiled as Chico and his hecklers to up position along the front line. A couple of zonds were positioned on either flank to cover the sides. Having learned from the airborne deployment of the combine army in the last battle Jaina wasn’t going to make that mistake again anytime soon. Rayden and his zondbots took up positions to aid were needed be. With heavy footsteps Amaya fell in line in her Szalamandra armor. Without a second to spare the aleph start showing up on Jainas display.

Just as Jaina summarized the battlepaln to herself she saw movement in the distance. A huge figure carrying and obscene hammer rushing across the field towards Amaya. He crosses the field fast and as he approaches the Tunguskan lines a Hecklers reveals from camouflage and isolates him with his jammer as the bullets shreds the poor heckler to ribbons.

Across from him a pair of figures moved along, one a blur of motions and the other nigh unnoticeable.

With a loud thud the Szalamandra steped forward and lets loose a hail of hyper rapid magnetic rounds at the huge myrmidon warrior but he managed to dodge out of harms way for now. What he didn’t know was that he had dodged into range of the repeater on a zond. With a smile Mary lets loose her Icebreaker program and the Myrmidon was soon frozen in place as his armor stops responding.

“The Myrmidon is helpless for the moment, move on his position.” Mary’s voice crackled over the static filled comm-link.

Split seconds later a pair of missiles streaked along and impacted into Ajax’s chest obliterating the Myrmidon. Chico emerged from his camouflaged state from around the same area as the missiles originated from. Leaning out to fire with his red fury at the post-human proxy securing the antenna for Aleph, shredding it in a shocking display of bullets.

Rayden moved up and secured the closest antenna of the Netzknoten as he and a couple of others layed down suppressive fire.

A smoke screen appeared near Amaya and from within the smoke she could see the vague form of a remote. Knowing what is coming she drops the suppressions fire and started reset her system to stop the Aleph from possessing her Szalamandra.

With horror in her eyes she froze as her controls shuts her out and locks her inside the armor. On the display in front of her she could see the giant gun of the Szalamandra leveling out towards her own forces. She closes her eyes and braced herself as the suit unleasheed hail after hail of hyper rapid metal slugs across the Tunguskan lines. She did all in her power to get the controls back but she couldn’t stop the onslaught for now.

The Aleph controlled Szalamandra managed to take out both Rayden and a zond across the field. Though it tried to take out Abdullahi’s hollowman remote body, the shots failed to pierce the thick armor. The remote tactically retreated behind cover. Just as the Szalamandra was about to shoot once again a familiar voice erupted in Amayas comms.

“Would you like your toy back?” There was no mistaking Marys voice, a sigh of relief washed over Amaya as she smiled.

“Yes mam!” Amaya replied as a static chock shook the TAG and Amaya was in control again, though not with all the controls back to normal just yet.

The Aleph assault continued as a tactical remote was air dropped just beside the Tunguskan lines in an attempt to advances on their flank. Having learned from last time Jaina quickly issued the order.

“Chico, on your right! Take it out before we are surrounded.” The confident was clearly noticeable in Jainas voice as she barked orders over the comms.

The remote didn’t do more than land before it was shredded with rounds from Chico’s suppressive fire as it descended.

Switching from pure assault to a more tactical approach the thermal optical trooper in the center reveals and moves to control the central antenna.

“Amaya, Take over control of you monster! Chico, we need to advance on your flank, push forward. Lets show these bastards who is in charge here.” Jaina smiled as a chorus echoed in her comms when her forces confirmed the order.

With a crackling sound and a thud of static Amaya forced the controls back, leveled her gun at the remote that had made this mess possible. With a hail of bullets she ripped the remote apart.

Chico pushed on the advance on his flank firing left and right at all targets and eventually taking out a good portion of the defending troops on that side. Though he couldn’t really go head to head with the post-human guarding their back field so he retreats back into cover again.


Juanita broke her protective cloaking and backed up towards the antenna to at least even out the field against the intruders. Just as she activated the antenna she can make out the form of a thermal optical trooper revealing far behind her. Not having time to properly aim she just ducked and threw of a shoot in that direction as she felt the sniper bullet grazing her cheek when she hits the ground. She lifted her head and spy in the distance, surprised as the post-human shell lays lifeless on the container with a clean bullet hole straight through the head.

Not having much of a choice anymore the aleph forces go all out for the antennas to secure the connection to Arachne. The back field was covered by a hacker and some protection. On the right flank a robotic engineer patched up the remote and then drops prone next to the antenna as it fiddles with it to gain access. Most of the Aleph troopers started laying down suppressing fire to stop the nomads from pushing them of the antennas.

“Arachne is compromised, all out offence. We need to secure those antennas before Aleph gain access to our network. Priorities are antenna three, four and five.” Jaina spoke calmly and with steadfast determination as the orders were given. All of the troopers under her command knew what that meant, things were really tense, and no room for errors.

Chico peaked out from behind his cover and fired a salvo at the engineer that was trying to bypass their defenses. His shock rounds easily shredding the intruder.

Abdullahi jumped his remote up the building and fired at one of the invaders trying to gain access through an antenna. He launched a missile just as he was hit in the shoulder and the projectile veered of into the sky before detonating harmlessly above. The shot hadn’t damaged him, just made him miss. The balcony cracked as he jumped once more onto the roof of the building, firing at the hacker that was accessing the network as he ascended the building. A missile struck true and the troopers was blasted apart, but the covering trooper manages to damage the hollowman. Though this lead to securing the second access point for the Tunguskan forces. Abdullahi rerouted all movement to the legs and jumped straight up gaining sight of the central trooper that previously emerged from thermal optical camouflage. And it to was shredded by missile fire as the hollowman suit was severely damaged before hitting the ground and disconnecting.

“Good work everyone, the aleph troopers are all but routed. We just need to clean up a few stragglers before the base is secure.”



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