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Firewall at Johnny-5

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The first rays of the sun rose over the horizon as Jaina walked out in the corridor of the Johnny5 Kommstat. She could see gatherings of ice on the windows of the station. She didn’t get more than one step into the corridor when the sirens begone to sound and the corridor filled with red flashing light. With a buzzing sound and a loud crack her comm-link burst with sounds.

“The EI is assaulting Johnn-5, all personal move to designated positions. I repeat, the Combined Army is assaulting the base.”

Jaina could make out the familiar sound of her superior, Marcus as he shouted orders over the comms. She hurried and activated her hacking device and started running down the hall to the express elevators. As she exited the elevator the fighting was already well under way. A squad of Morats had entered the facility led by one of the ominous Umbras. To the left she could hear the familiar sounds of rapid firing plasma weaponry from the total reaction remote that were deployed there.

The Combine army had assumed they caught the nomads of guard but as a solids defense had already been formed they could tell that wasn’t the case. Behind her a fireteam were covering the central part of the field with Feuerbachs, while a puppet troupe covered the right flank. She opened up her tactical display to get a better view of the situation as a couple of zonds move up beside her, she could see the transductor mark on one of them and the other were the servant of a nearby doctor. The comm-link sparked to life again and Marcus’s voice echoed as he barked orders.

“Jaina, move into position in the center, don’t let them take that transmission node. Phillipe take your fireteam and cover her advance. I will take control of the tsykoln and push up the left flank. Over and out.

With a cracking sound the comm-link went silent. Jaina could make out the sound of the zonds metal legs clanking on the containers as it climbed down and sett of towards the flank. Jaina connected to the zonds visual node to survey the field. Tagging along as Marcus directed the zond across the field. It hurried along and scuttled up the side of a building just as a malign alien appeared from its thermal optial camouflage behind a nearby container. It fired of a shotgun shot at the zond which scattered of its armor. Marcus modified the zonds targeting system in a split of a second before turning the machine to shred the alien with bullets. Marcus reached out via a transmission node and immobilized an alien reaction remote before urging his own forward and shredding that one too.

“Jaina take the center I will cover this flank for you”

The zond and Jaina slowly moved in coherency up the field as the zond fired in an attempt to finish of the two aliens, eventually managing to topple the machine but left the alien being in a embryo state on the floor.

Meanwhile the puppet troupe moved up the other side and engaged the space monkeys but couldn’t get a good shot in and one of them eventually fell to the return fire.

Jaina couldn’t get all the way to the center transmission node before another alien appeared from thermal optical camouflage. Her heart skipped a beat as the signature muzzle fire of a missile launcher erupted and the projectile streaked for her. She threw herself for cover and could feel the heat of the propellant from the missile sear her suit as it barely missed her. The zond didn’t have time to react before the alien peppered it with shots from its sidearm and incapacitated the remote.
The puppets proving to be a real nuisance to the aliens got the blunt of the counter strike and all fell to the morats as they advanced up and towards the Tunguskan lines. Taking an uncharacteristic causal approach, the morats even managed to pick out one of the Feuerbachs covering Jainas position down the center.

Though the aliens did advance the Nomads still controlled most of the battlefield for now.

“Jaina, Keep position! MEDIC, to the center and aid the Securitate, they are under heavy fire. The rest of you, get the aliens of my station! NOW!”

Jaina could see Selines medical servant moving of towards the fireteam and soon after the downed trooper got back up. They started advancing as per Marcus orders and took up position closer to the center. To the right she could see Mary moving along and suddenly falling as another alien appeared out of nowhere. The Securitate force shifted and opened fire on the alien but not managing to take it out as it dodged prone and out of the way.

Seline couldn’t get her robot over to Mary so she had to tend to the hacker herself, sneaking past the fire lanes of the armored assault force of the morats. Whatever Seline did, it worked, and Mary got back up with a sinister smile on her face as she did so. A zond emerged and moved closer. Jaina could sense the presence of the alien hacker as the remote approached only to have the sensation shut down when the repeater of the zond was shut down. Mary smiled again and Jaina instinctively knew she was engaging the alien digitally. Jaina saw a jolt of energy jumping into the air as Mary fried the brain of the alien hacker.

With a roar the morats and their Umbra leader rushed Marys position and gunned her down in a hail of shotgun shells. Jaina turned to see Philipes face turn horror as a morat with a heavy machine gun landed on top of a stack of containers with a heavy thud. His gun trained on the Securitate team most of the were shredded by the fire only leaving Phillipe and the medic standing. The Umbra moved bout and took up position near the nomad’s tech officer caught in middle of the fight.

The combine army were gaining ground and they were now controlling the better part of the transmission nodes.

“We are being swarmed, regroup! Cover your friends and make for the elevator hall.”
Jaina noticed a glimpse of desperation in Marcus’s voice as he last order were given. She too could tell that they were losing the transmission nodes, for now.

With a heavy sigh she advanced around the corned of the container stack and took aim at the Umbra standing there. Blowing it apart with her boarding shotgun. She took another step and fired again at an morat trooper further back, shredding it too in a burst of shotgun shells. She slowly advanced up and peaked the corner yet again and fire at another two morats covering one of the transmission nodes. After a hail of shots fired in both directions one of the morats fells but Jaina had taken a nasty wound to her side. Blood were pouring as she staggered back behind the containers before it all turned black and the fell unconscious.


Jaina woke to the familiar face of Seline in the elevator hall. She felt her wound and could make out the hasty stitches administered by the doctor as she had dragged Jaina to safety. As she smiled to be alive Marcus approached her with a stern look on his face. Jainas smile faded and her mind begin to race.

“That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen Jaina! What were you thinking? You might just have saved us all with that reckless attack.” He broke into a smile and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Rest, we will need you again soon as we have to take this node base back from the dreaded aliens. Even though you save us, they did manage to get wrestle control for the nodes in a final push.



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