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Darkest Day

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 Jaina hunkered down and surveyed the field in front of her, spotting the supply crates in the Aleph Dawn-01 base easily enough. There were no Aleph troops within sight and Jaina broke into a smile.

Out of nowhere the alarm sounds as a small landing craft broke the cloudbank and lands in the outskirts of the base, not far from Jainas position. She could see the morats jumping ahead towards her location, clearly aware of the Tunguskan forces.

Jaina curses loudly and opens the comm-link.

“Defensive positions! The combine army have us by the throat. I need a good spread with clear fire lanes!” Jaina barked while swallowing her own surprise from the attack.

“Tiamat take the right flank, Abdullhai you take the central buildings, Rayden and Seline you spread out to cover the force with support as needed, you will be on your own today. I need Mikkela in a central position waiting for further instructions, hidden. Rahel, deploy to the left!” She didn’t have time to register the advance of the rogue Fraacta advancing in cover on the right flank as she ordered the remote pilots to deploy the zonds.

Jaina stoped for a moment to assess the situation. Through the Lunokhod sensors she saw a Fraacta emerge on the far-right and take out the Stempler zond deployed there. The zondnaut drops a smoke grenade to protect itself. The lunokhod arms not able to reach just held its ground for now.

From his position Tiamat can see the morats advancing on him. He raised his heavy machinegun to fire back only to see a couple of missiles steak towards him. Desperately needing to get out of the way he dropped his gun and dives for cover. But alas to late, in a series of explosions the Kriza is obliterated.

The Fraacta moveed up further and toke aim at the Lunokhod, knowing it is doomed it put the koalas on standby as its armor plating was ripped apart by spitfire rounds.The fraacta the advanced on the Tsyklon who tried to respond with an explosive round from its feuerbach, but it too was shredded by the alien. Over the radio Jaina heard the screams of Rayden as he to was gunned down by the alien trooper.

With a heavy heart Jaina noticed her force already severely decimated and she need to start thinking about retreating with what she had left. Though letting her pride get the better of her she screams over the comms.

“Abdullahi, fire at will! The same goes for you Mikkela.”

Jaina moves about on her vantagepoint and toke aim at the Fraacta now advancing on her position, she caught it in the open and let loose a volley of fire at the alien intruder. Bullets scatter harmlessly around the alien, not one hitting its mark as the alien fires back. With a earsplitting sound Jainas helmet was knocked of by the impact of the return fire, her vision turned to black and she fell unconscious.


Hearing the chain of command ripped apart Abdullahi grabed his spitfire tighter and shreds the morat heavy weapon troopers in an attempt to stay their advance some. Getting both the missile launcher and the heavy machinegun down before he needed to reload. Meanwhile Rahel dismounts her bike which morphed into a small combat remote. They both fired at an alien remote taken covering position over on the left flank, covering the supply crate.

In a last-ditch attempt to halt the alien advance Mikkela reveals from her thermal optical camouflage and fires at the Fraacta, but her focus being of and she missies with all of her shots. She sighed in relief as the alien did the same.

The alien force responding quickly to the flow of the battle with the morats and their Umbra master advances on the Tunguskan lines. Mikkela was almost caught by surprise as the shotgun shells starts flying. She dodges to the side but a blast to the stomach sends hear reeling and she sags to the ground her vision fading as her consciousness escapes her. With a roar the Umbra jumped on her and sank its fangs into Mikkela and drank deep on her lifeblood invigorating itself in the process. Leaving her a dead husk on the ground.

Not knowing what was coming from behind, Rahel continued to cover forward with her zondmate as the umbra thrashes her in the back with its spitfire leaving her in a pile of blood. Pressing on the morats open one of the boxes and extract the vital supplies inside. It jumped into cover with it as the umbra jumps up on the nearby building and jamed the vorpal sword through the spinal cord of the Hollowman construct as it tried to defend with its pistol.
Seline left all alone on the field, the comms eerie silent, she shook the worst of the effect and advanced on the morat unit. She took careful aim across the field at the one holding the supplies, she would need a miracle to take it down. She slowly squeezed the trigger as the morat saw her and dodged for cover. With a stroke of luck never seen before she hit the morat as it maked for cover but the armor of the alien shruged of the round. As the noise of the firefight settled she noticed a wound in her right lung as she fell over, grasping for air. The Fraacta had gotten to her just as she fired at the morat, trying to save the day.

“Jaina, come in?! JAINA! Answer me god damn it.” Marcus yells over the comms as the landing craft approaches the scene. Just as he exits the craft the morats leave with their spoils and he is left gazing over the field of battle, the bodies of his fallen friends littering the place.

This is truly on a Dark day. Marcus thought as his heart and soul ached for the fallen.



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