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Nine Lives

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Tamika surveyed the outskirts of what had previously been a Japanese settlement at the Yu Jing base. She tried to calculate the best way to approach the task at hand. She had been tasked with locating and destroying an old remote connection used by the Japanese.

Just as she moved her forces towards the designated location she started picking up movement on her sensors. She stopped and took a closer look, this time through her binoculars. She could clearly make out the garbs of the Japanese secessionist army on the approaching soldiers.

"Take positions, it seems the Japanese have come to claim their old connection aswell. We have to drive them of before we can proceed." I will take the right flank with my fireteam. Chico and Ava, you two need to cover the left. Spread out the zonds across the field. Seline, you know what to do.

Having never faced the Japanese before in regular battle Tamika wasn't sure what to expect. But as the saying goes. The best defense is a good offence.

Chico moved out and started shooting at the approaching soldiers, only to realize they were employing optical disruption technology and all his shoots all missed. He even managed to miss the war correspondent, clearly tagging along to spread the word of the Japanese propaganda machine.

On the other side, the fireteam of spread out and took out a few of the Japanese troops covering the approach to the antenna. Slowling shipping away at the opposition range specialists.

Noticing a lot of troopers equipped for close quarter fighting the Lunokhod snuck forward trying to get a better vantage point. It planted it’s koalas in support of the nomad comms relay deployed just in front as it advanced.

Tamika continues to observe the Japanese troopers fanning out and covering angels. She notices a particular trooper moving down the left flank issuing orders while moving forward. She tapped the switch on her comms and issue an order of her own.


"Raoul, your are up,! Move in on the left and take out their lieutenant, the trooper in heavy armor on the flank."

A soaring sound erupted as a drop trooper landed just beyond the left flank and started advancing on the Japanese flank. Dodging incoming fire as he did. Unfortunately, he was eventually felled by a lucky shot before he can move on the target.

The silence of the compound is suddenly broken by the heavy noise of a motorcycle engine as a Japanese warrior darted up the road closely followed by a pair of crazy koalas. He was meet with heavy fire but manages to drop a cloud of smoke to cover his approach.


In what looks like a pincer move, another samurai emerged on the far right flank but he is eventually halted by stunning him with a flash pulse while the remote actually managed to avoid being stunned in return.

The optical disruption of the Japanese special forces flickered as they advance on the center, shredding the Lunokhod remote as they advance and then ended up each suppressing an area of the field on each flank. On the left flank the heavy armored trooper advanced, still shouting orders to his troops as he did. Apparently getting more aggitated as the battle raged on.

From out of nowhere a silhouette emerged and moved towards the nomad lines. As it approached a billboard it's camouflage cracked a vanished to reveal a ninja taking aim at Chico and dropping him in a burst of bullets.

"Take out those close combat specialists, we can't let them close with our lines."
The nomad force spreads out and focus fires at the three approaching Japanese troopers, the ninja, the biker and the samurai with the flash pulse.
The ninja eventually went down but the biker and the right most samurai is still standing as the storm of bullets subsided.

Seline had watched as Chico went down and on her visor she can still see vague life signs as he clinged to life. She urgeed her zondbot forward and quickly assessed the situation and administered the necessary injections to make him regain consciousness, just as the Japanese special forces shred the zondbot with suppressive fire.

Perseus advances with his fireteam and layed down nanoparticles as the Japanese special forces close by, shredding her with horrified scream as the tiny robots picked her apart.

On the right flank Tamika could hear swords play as the samurai eviscerateed the transductor zond and move on her own fireteam. They try and stop him with bullets and knifes but all for nothing. The samurai was a whirlwind of death as he ripped Tamika and her soldiers apart in an exceptional display of swordsmanship. As was Seline before the warrior halted his onslaught.

Just having seen his fellow soldiers shredded to bits Perseus was assailed by the bike riding samurai. Perseus layed down another storm of nanoparticles as he himself was dozed in them. He managed to shrug of most of the particles in time to see the samurai being shredded by the particles in return, rendering his koalas inert and negating some of the threat.

The Japanese special forces moved up and started shooting at the zonds, managing to take out one but the other one was save by it's somewhat thicker armor and nimbler reflexes.

 "hiss... crackle... spark..."

The absence of Tamika’s voice was apparent, and the nomad soldiers tried to coordinate as best as possible. The surviving zond jumped onto the nearby containers and take out the samurai who recently massacred the entire right flank.

Chico took shots at the last of the special forces finally taking her out of action before going into suppressive fire towards the last of the close combat specialists. Perseus and the last survivor of the fireteam also cover the field in suppressive fire, trying to deter the advance of the Japanese forces.


Ava, decloaked and moveed out towards the heavy armored Japanese lieutenant and took a shot at the war correspondent but was blinded by the flash pulse. She rubed the flash out of her eyes just to see the warcor advance on her position. She took another shot and manages to take out the journalist.

On the right flank, Perseus and the Grenzer came under heavy fire from a couple of remotes and Perseus eventually fell to the firepower of the holo-remote of the Japanese. But the remote was itself also taken out.


As the warriors of the Japanese secessionist fell the Japanese lieutenant emerged from cover, howling a warriors cry, as he threw himself at Ava with his swords drawn and ready to strike. She tries to immobilize the warrior by hacking into his armour, but his defenses prove to strong, most likely supported by a nearby hacker. As he approaches even closer a storm of bullets envelops him and all but a few shatters of his armor. None of them taking him down. Ava was calm in the face of danger as the warrior charged at her in a berserk rage. She squeezes of a shot that connected and the soldier fell to the ground, not a foot from her position. His nine lives all spent.

None of the forces are in any shape to continue fighting and withdraw. The nomads managing at least to try out a new formula for battle field medical procedures while fighting the Japanese secessionist army for the first time.



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