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Kurage Krizas

Kategori: Infinity

The combine army had stuck the Kurage station hard from the North as Ava and the Tunguskan strike force were approaching from the west. Ava snuck past the Japanese sentries and into the base to scout ahead of the Tunguskan strike force. She could make out a few troopers here and there, clearly only a token force. She Climbed up to get a better vantage point of the field. In the distance she could see a Combine army vanguard force breaking of from the main force and heading their way.
As they did, the last of the Japanese troops took of towards them.

"Look alive people, incoming hostiles. Spring the trap!" Ava, signaled to the remainder of the force as she took up position in a central location close to antenna they are trying to secure.

"You heard her, take positions and fire on my mark"
Goliaths voice echoed over the comes as he lumbered forward in his heavy armor. Next to him, his partner Natalya took up position on his right flank.

The Kriza Borac duo had been deployed in response to the increasingly heavy resistance from the Combine army. Having secured the aid of Perseus the Rogue myrmidon for this mission a group a Securitate followed him closely to aid in covering the right flank. Juanita snuck forward a bit and activated her limited camouflage close to the Krizas to offer some protection.

The nomad force took positions and watched from cover at the approaching combine army converging on the antenna. It seems they too were looking to gain access to the JSA network from here. Mariah trained the scope on her sniper rifle and traced an alien remote as it ascended the stairs and took up position on a roof top in the distance.

Goliaths voice boomed over the comms and within seconds Mariah had put three bullets through the chest and head of the alien remote, not even triggering a response from the robot. The remote were shredded apart and thrown back against the railing as the bullets struck home. A similar robot carrying a sniper rifle covering the approach were also shredded in bullets as Phillipe unleashed on it with his heavy machinegun from just below Mariah’s position.

Juanita scurried forward but her camouflage was canceled by some interference from the approaching aliens. Though she did make it to cover before her cloaking ability shut of.

Natalya moved to intercept an alien remote and unleashed the full power of the fully automatic reloading system of the Kriza configuration, shredding the alien remote in the distance as she backed up some and took a suppressive position along with Goliath who followed close behind.

A airborne trooper drops close to the nomads lines and snuck past the main defense to attack from the side. Bringing a shotgun to bear on the covering nomad troops. Though it didn't count on the coverage of the fireteam to aid the nomads as much as it did. Shotgun fire starts flying in both directions and as the smoke clears the alien troopers lays lifeless on the ground as Vince causually reloaded his own boarding shotgun.

From her vantage point Ava can make out movement in the back lines of the alien force and soon the previously neutralized remote was back up and running again.

"Hostile incoming at 10 a clock. The remote is back up again."
Ava’s voice cracks through the static just as a bullets starts raining down on the Kriza Duo. Goliath took a hit to the chest and ducked out of fire as the impact shattered a plate on his armor. Natalya fared better but still consolidated for cover as the machine keept firing across to their position seemingly ignoring their cover.

Having turned his back towards the once harmless remote, Phillipe was attacked by surprised from behind as the machine sprays him with bullets, but only managing to hit once, which fortunattly was absorbed by Phillipe’s armor as he too consolidated his position.
The remote continues and rounded the central position before taking up position to take out Mariah as she tried to duck out of the way, the alien support ware protocol making short work of whatever protection she was carrying and dropping her dead to the floor.

Ava climbs down from the containers and moved for the alien remote readying her hacking device as she went. As she crosses a gap in the containers her camouflage was jammed by another alien remote, but at this point it was already to late. She moved closer to the remote and immobilizes it.
"Phillipe, the remote is immobilized, take it out."


Phillipe leand out and the remote was easily shredded by the combine effort of hacking programs and machinegun fire.

Ava’s voice crackles over the comms as she speaks again with a satisfied tone in her voice.
"All their main pieces are taken out" We are free to move in hard."

"Everyone, fire at will! Send the alien bastards back to where they came from. " Goliath yells over the comms.

Natalya broke cover guns blazing. Firing for a good few seconds while advancing, never staying the spray of bullets and shredding target after target. An alien hacker was caught in the onslaught but manages to dodge out of the way. When she finally released the trigger and surveyed the battlefield half a dozen remote husks stood motionless in the distance as did the lifeless corpse of the alien medtech.

The combine forces were taking heavy losses and were now converging to the right flank to assault the nomads again. A pitcher came flying through the air and landed near Ava who immediately prepared to be assaulted. Though the force of the alien hacker was to much for Ava and she fell unconscious to the ground as the alien advanced and peppered Phillipe in plasma fire. The few aliens remaining took up defensive positions close to the center and prepared for the nomad counter assault.

"We have them were we want them, advance on the centr

al position and takes them out. Perseus, Juanita and Natalya, you are with me." Move out.

Goliath approached the center and furiously sprayed the alien position with bullets. Not noticing the plasma blast that hit him hard in the face and his vision vanished as he fell unconscious. Meanwhile Perseus threws a smoke grenade and activates the antenna while taking cover behind the nearby oil drums as he does.

Seline, having stayed back until now hurried up to Goliath and examined his wounds. She administerd some injections and staples up the worst of the wound as he regained consciousness.

A crackle of energy leaped over the alien remote and a spark of intelligence erupts in its eyes. Facing of against Perseus the remote sprayed with its plasma carbine as Perseus ducked for cover and droped a smoke grenade. The grenade failed to detonate, and Perseus was blasted in plasma fire as he ducked away.

Seline watcheed in horror as the remote opened fire at her. She froze, and a plasma burst struck her side, she wiggled for cover surprised to be alive. She found that she had only been hit with a fragment of superheated plasma as the container took the blunt of the impact.

Over on the other side Natalya dodged for cover as the alien hacker rose from behind some barrels and sprayed her position with plasma fire. One blast impacted her armor but didn't penetrate as she steps aside.

The remotes having tried to make a last push towards the antenna but fell short and was stranded in the crossfire from the Kriza Duo, securing the network connection for the nomads.


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