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The battle of the cowards

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Yesterday I played a game of Capture and Protect against my regular opponent.
After 5 rolls were first we both rolled 18 and then we both rolled 13 and crittet, Yu Jing finally won the dice roll  and elects to go first. He deployed his 10 order list first in an even spread across the deployment zone. The Nomads then deployed their 16 Order list with everyone prone.
Pink line is the Nomads Deployment, Orange for Yu Jing
The Beacons are located inside the left house and ontop of the right one.
An impetous monk starts the Yu Jing turn by running up. Next up a Lú Duān shimmis across the no mans land and   lures out all the koala from the Lunokhod and Moran. It then proceeds and shots the Moran disabling its repeater but it ends up getting isloated by a Bandit in the  process.Out a nowere a Tiger soldier drop in from the side and tries to spotlight an Alguacil but is out of range. He move up further to engage the Bandit and sucessfully immobilising it with a Carbonite.
As noone has eyes on the Lú Duān it enters Holo state and two more remotes appear.
McMurrough jumps forward towards the monk and lands near the Lú Duān as he is getting shot by a Hyper Raid Magnetic Cannon, A Heavy flamer and a Spitfire while the monk drops a smoke grenade. McMurrough dodges it all. Señor Massacre and his Haris link of Jaguars move and drops a pile of eclipse grenades on McMurrugh. Mercenary dog warrior walks out to kill the Lú Duān but exits the Eclips and takes a spitfire and a HRMC to the face and drops unconsious to the ground. Though he wrecks the remote with his Templar Close combat weapon.
A Tomcat Medic walks out from around back into the eclipse and heals McMurrough also achiving the Nomad classefied objective. The dog retreats in behind the saturation of the nearby cherry blossom.
On the other flank the Alguacil Link specualitve fires from it's light grenade launcher on the tiger soldier and drops him. An Intruder climbs down from his vantage point ontop a container and peaks out from behind the eclipse and downs the Rhu Shi, he then goes back up and sets up suppressinve fire.
A Guiláng moves forvard in camouflage stat and total cover into range of the downed Moran and drops a repeater. A Hac Tao Hacker drops out of thermo optical camouflage and spotlights the Moran and a Son-Bae all the way in the back drops a guided missile on him even though the Alguacil hacker trys to U-turn the missile. The blast kills the Moran and catches McMurrough who drops unconsious again.
The Guiláng moves over on to some crates and shoots at McMurrough with his combi rifle though McMurrough's armour stops both hits.
Señor Massacre and his posse moves up and tries to drop some eclipse smoke but is having a hard time landing them but makes it eventually. The tomcat walks up and is unfortunatly killed by a precise HRMC shot. Señor Massacre moves up and shoots at the Guiláng who drops a camouflage token next to him as he falls dead to the ground . The Bandit hacker climbs down from the roof, then streaks across an allyway and climbes a new hose and ends up within hackingrange of the Yān Huǒ but doesn't manage to immobilise him. The Alguacil Link move up as far as they can on the right flank. To threaten the Yu Jing beacon with speculative fire.
A Guiláng reveals on the objective building and places a camouflage token on the first story balcony.
The Yān Huǒ lets lose with the HRMC at a Jaguar in the link with Señor Massacre, the Jaguar dies as he sets of a mine with his dodge. The good Señor however tanks the hit with his armour.
The Bandits hacks the Yān Huǒ in response with a carbonites and immobilizes it.
The Son-Bae walks around a corner emerging from it's hidingspoit and tries to shoot the Intruder but ends up getting down itself.
The Hac Tao advances and shoots at the Intruder and two Alguacils with his multirifle. but ends up only getting hit himself but a Corregidor combi rifle twice and loosing a wound. He tries it again and takes out an alguacil but takes a crit from the Intruder heavy machinegun who drops him.
The Alguacil link speculatives fires at the Guiláng next to the camouflage token but misses with three shots. WHile he dodges away from the token. They then try to wound the Yān Huǒ with a grenade but he shruggs it off. The Lunokhod runs across the field in a last ditch attempt to grab the beacon but manages to get isolated but the Guiláng hacker who the nomads had neglected to identify.
The game ending in a 4-4 tie as the nomads managed to get Experimental drog and the Yu jing got Telemetry while they both retained control of their respective beacons.
The game was fun and tense but a bit monotonous and to be honest, cowardly. I need to step up my game in terms of aggression and i know we both need to play faster.
I have another game scheduled for Sunday were the nobel Nomads will have to fend of the dastardly Panoceania piloted by the Muffinman.


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