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The Unmasking of Yu Jing

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 I had a battle yesterday against Yu jing with my Jurisdictional command of Corregidor. We played Unsmasking in preparation of a upcoming tournament. The mission we played was unmasking were you are supposed to activate the consoles down the center line to reveal the high value targets to learn which one is the designated target. To score a perfect game you need to protect your data tracker and the high value target while hunting down the enemy targets. The mission have a exclusion zone 8 inches from the center line protecting the consoles from early manipulation. Unfortunally the map from the Unmasking document doesnt show the exclusion zone.
Yu Jing won the Lieutenants roll of and elected to go first and Corregidor chose side and forced the Yu Jing to deploy first.
The Yu Jing started with haveing their Heavy Infantry Yan Huo obliterate the corregidor Reactive threats with his Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon killing the Alguacil Missile Launcher and Lupe Balboa with ease. The YJ advanced up out of sight from the Corregidor and set up position with suppressive fire with the heavy infantry and remotes across the field. YJ also primed a couple of mines to defend their High value targets. While priming the battle field one of the Guilang is ambushed by a nearby Bandit but manages to avid getting glued to the ground.
A ninja emerged from camouflage and hacked the centre concole to reveal the correct designated target the with the first try setting the Corregidor on the back foot right fram the start.
McMurrough started of the Corregidor turn by jumping over a container throwing a smoke grenade as he wen. Shrugging of a total reaction remote, a supressive fire heavy machinegun and landing just short of the shrappnel from a chain rifle. He proceded to force the ninja out of camouflage with a infuitive attack from his chain rifle not managing to down the enemy. He then threw more smoke and engaged the ninja and shrugging of the return attack. The Corregidor forces reveald their main ace in their Heavy machinegun Intruder who forced both the Yan Huo and Hac tao into cover with shots through the smoke, not being able to kill either of them,
A Moran Masai and his Koalas move forward, setting up a defensive perimiter with the Intruder from a high vantage point covering the center of the table.
The impetous monk seeing his chanse hurried into combat with McMurrough managing to land a blow to the mercenary dog warrior. Though the monk took a hail of bullets on the approach and falls to the fire.
Seeing the dog warrior as a threat to the Yu Jing the Yan Huo open fire into the engagement between McMurrough and the Ninja, starting by felling the ninja and then proceeding  then the drop the Mercenary in a burts of critical hits needing 14 to hit.
The commander of the Yu Jing forces, having grown tired of the machinegun fire from the intruder spends a good portion of his orders firing across the center killbox finally managing to wound the Corregidor Elite but not quite kill him as he falls unconsious behing the railing. The Yaokong manages to kill the bandit on the left flank with his heavy machinegun.
Señor Massacre and his Jaguars advance and puts out a smokescreen for the Tomcat Doctor who urges his Zondcat forward to medicate the unconsious Intruder who then stands back up behind the smoke and manages to gun down the Hac Tao Datatracker ensuring the Yu Jing forces will start their final turn in loss of lieutenant.
The Masai advanced down the ladder towards the center realeaving a decoy from the Yu Jing side.
A bandit emerges on the right flank trying to glue the Yan Huo but fails in his attempt.
The Intruder once again suppresses the center killbox with his heavy machinegun before ending the Corregidor turn.
The Yu Jing forces now start their final turn in loss of lieutenat haveing to do some serious thinking of how to salvage the situation. The Yaokong advances into line of fire to the designated target taking fire from the Intruder heavy machinegun and provoking dodges from the jaguar panzerfaust and the designated target. The remote manages to wound the Jaguar and the Designated target but itself falls to the heavy fire from the intruder. The other Yu jing remote advances and kills of the zondcat serving the Tomcat doctor to try and hamper his ability to heal the designated target later on. The Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon of the Yan Huo obliterates the Bandit, thus securing noone would activate the right most concole.
Señor massacre and the remaining jaguar advane and try to drop an eclipse cloud blocking the Yan Huo from seeing the path were the Tomcat needs to go. The superior weaponry of the Yu Jing dropping the mercenary forcing the Corregidor to rethink their plans. The lone jaguar aim his chain rifle at decoy who in true martial arts style manages to dodge it two times while the Yan Huo kills the poor jaguar.
The tomcat then walks the long way around from the right most flank towards the center through the back lines to get to the designated target. He manages to stop just short, dodging a mine but he aswell falling to the Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon. With the final order the Intruder sidesteps into sight of the decoy and mows it down with his heavy machinegun.
The game ended in a 4-4 draw as the Yu Jing got 3 points for killing the designated target and 1 for having their designated target alive at the end of the game. The Corregidor scored 2 from having more activated concoles, 1 from killing more decoys and 1 from having their datatracker alive at the end of the game.
During the game we plyed as if you can heal the designated target which we later found out you can't. This would have changed the play of the final turn for both armies but i don't think it would have changed the outcome of the game. I am looking forward to the tournament and trying this list again. I feel like it perfermoed like i expetcted it to and won't make any major changes to it for future games. A tweak here and there might end up sneaking in. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have anything to add or comment on. I will inclued the armycode for my list if anyone feel like they want to comment on that aswell.


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